~ Paradigm Reformation Platform:

1.) Biology Theories on Weak Lemarkianism, Epi-Genetic & DNA Re-Encoding, Cellular Hyper-Structure Theory, Cellular Hive-Mind Theory Cellular Origins of Life (Prokaryotic Starseeds), Theory of Ancestral Trait Recovery + Vestigial Trait Development, & Semi-Aquatic Ancestry Theory.

2.) Holistic & Integrative Medicine, Herbalism, Reiki, Meditation, Prayer, Mantra, Past Life Regression Therapy, Catharsis, Nutrition, Vortical Thought Mapping, Morphic Resonance & Fields, Panpsychism, Deep Ecology, Yoga/Tai Chi/Bagua/Qi Gong & Vocational Training.

3.) Renewable & Sustainable Energy Alternatives, Permaculture, Horticulture, Greenhouses, Vegetable Gardens, Earth-Ships, Homespun Hemp Movement, Time Bank, Agro-Economy, Barter Trade Economy, Lunar Calendar, & International Fixed Calendar (13 Month & 28 Days/Month).

4.) Linguistic Integration Project – Universal Codex of Language (Ideogramatic & Phonetic)/Origins of Language/Prime-Based Mathematics (6-Based Number System to Discern Pattern of Primes)/Musical-Scale Integration/Cultural Allegorical Meanings/Phraseology & Diversity Preservation.

5.) Unification Theory of Astro-Physics, Black Holes, Dark Matter & Energy, Chemistry, Atomic Half-Lives, Nuclear & Particle Physics, Wave & Field Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Entanglement, Spooky Action, String Theory, Electricity, Zero Point Energy & Telekinesis: “Wrinkled Space Theory” & “Vortical Dimensional Mapping.”


~ Multi-Faceted Undertaking to Actualize the Rising Global Paradigm Shift:

[Reductionistic Mechanistic Modern Scientific Model versus Holistic Energetic Quantum Mechanical Model]

~ Goals & Endeavors By Category ~

The following holistic sustainable alternatives can potentially help mankind subtly reform society in such a way that allows individuals to find inner peace more effortlessly and allows the collective to re-integrate our balance with Nature — thus we can begin enriching & empowering ourselves to effortlessly thrive instead of merely struggling to survive in chaos by detrimentally seeking to contrive riches and power at the expense of those fallaciously seen as inferior;

1.) Biology theories;

A.) Weak Lemarkianism Theory of ancestral trait recovery and vestigial trait development can allow mankind to take responsibility for conditioning ourselves once again (for the first time since pre-historic times) to adapt towards thriving in Nature.

The egg, from which each human grows, forms genetically in the Grandmothers womb; thus her conditioning may be passed down to her grandchildren.

However, the power of the environmental influence on an individual and one’s beliefs (based on subjective perceptions of the environment) – can influence gene expression and be used to select desirable traits from an expansive ancestral genetic memory.

[ie BBC Video –

[ Video –

[ Video –

[ie Bruce Lipton – Biology of Belief]

B.) Semi-Aquatic Hominid ancestry from around 4.4-0.2mya, explaining why we all have a missing coat of fur, webbed phalanges (that form a pruned texture to expand surface area in water) with wobbly knees and awkward terrestrial mobility, low density muscle & bone tissue, weak teeth & finger nails (unlike terrestrial mammals), + many humans have excessive subcutaneous fat aka blubber aka adipose tissue (like aquatic mammals and unlike terrestrial mammals who mainly have extramuscular fat).

We are also all born fat (unlike terrestrial mammals) & able to float + swim instinctually, but when born prematurely we are born with vernix to help us float better (a trait only found in aquatic mammals – ie Harbor Seals).

After leaving our natural instinctual habitat we lose our way (like a fish out of water) & then unprogram these swimming instincts in order to struggle towards learning how to walk & speak instead, thus losing our inherent instincts to effortlessly thrive in an aquatic habitat.

[ie ‘The Decent of Woman – Elena Morgan (+ Alister Hardey)’ & ‘The Naked Ape – Desmond Morris’]

[David Attenborough BBC Special On Aquatic Ape Ancestry –

C.) For thousands of years acient Taoist wisdom has known of a second brain (recently discovered Mesentery connective organ) in the abdomen which consists of an interconnected system of organs unified by communicative pathways to the brain.

The liver stores jealousy, anger, frustration & envy; the heart stores love, joy & happiness but also hatred, impatience & hesitance; the kidneys store fear; & finally the pancreas & gall bladder are also though to also play a part in storing and releasing emotion.

In addition the abdomen is thought to store energy as a bio-battery which can be charged by releasing negative energy, practicing certain breathing techniques & harnessing Chi (aka Qi).


Also since the dawn of human history ancient Ayurvedic wisdom has known of four distinctions of the human mind which has become lost in the Western worldview.

Our intellect & ego (the first two distinctions) are deeply connected + play off of one another to establish one’s societal identity (or false self) used for survival through association with like individuals but division from outsiders.

The cellular genetic memory in every living cell of the human body holds ancestral knowledge from the dawn of life (third distinction) & the “Chitta”, or cosmic consciousness (fourth distinction), allows an individual to access inner divinity and intuition from the inner eye and subconscious mind, which Has access to the ancestral memory of the cells.

[ie ‘Article by Sadhguru on the four distinctions of the mind’ –

[ie Human Microbiome Project – Brain gut communication pathways like the Vagus nerve – non-human microbes influence mood & hunger + memory & neurological disorders or chronic conditions & diseases – Interconnected Series on]

D.) Cellular Hive Mind Theory suggests that life arose from bacteria and that multicellular organisms are cylellular hyperstructures. Human consciousness is an example of the reprogramming of instincts through transition to a new habitat, being that our missing link was most likely to have been an aquatic ape.

Article –

E.) Epigenetic Theory suggests that the behaviors of parents can influence predispositions to like behaviors & conditions of their children (ie chronic diseases & addictions); thus giving us the power to change the genetic potential of our descendants by giving us new found results & responsibilities of our free will.

Thereby this knowledge can enhance our potential for gradually developing better learned-coping-mechanisms in our lifetimes and through generations to come.

This can also allow us to catalyze adaptation to Nature and cultivate effortless thriving by doing away with dysfunctional coping mechanisms while harmonically manifesting physical prowess through a process of conditioning ourselves towards cultivating better invulnerability to the forces of Nature.

We can learn to adapt with such strategies as the hormetic response (activating inner heat to stimulate the auto-immune response to repair damage), gradual pigmentation from sunning (UVB – an essential source of vitamin D which influences serotonin production), G Tummo breathing technique to raise inner heat in cold climates, &/or even learning the right nutrification process to build brown fat cells which also warms us in the cold (aka “thick blood” – slang).

[ie Rhonda Patrick – Joe Rogan Experience]

F.) the study of Bio-Energetics suggests that a field of energy (sourced from the Sun as well as inner Earth plasma + deep sea hydrothermal vents through photosynthetic protozoa & plants + prokaryotic extremophiles) charges all life forms with vital life energy, which is then transmitted through subconscious communicative pathways.

In addition, blockages in the electromagnetic heart powered field & it’s respective channels (or seven chakras) of a person can now be determined with thermal & CAT scan or MRI imaging as well as various models of symptomology.

[ie ‘Documentary on Bio-Energetics’ –

Furthermore; it is thought that this field can also be used to instantaneously pass down subconscious information amongst like beings (ie coping mechanisms of a species or kingdom).

[ie ‘Jungian theory of – Collective Consciousness’]

[ie ‘Rudolph Steiner’s – Noosphere’]

[ie ‘Paranormal Psychology’]

2.) Healing suppressed emotional energy with the ancient mystical powers of meditation, Yoga, art, music & Nature can allow us to activate the intuitive, creative, indirect & lateral thinking mind (feminine aspect) that has been gradually dissipated by the mechanistic worldview.

Seeing Nature & mind as cyclical + vortical in Nature instead of merely linear can allow us innumerable approaches to re-envisioning the story of one’s past and allow each individual to create a new vision of his or her identity, thereby facilitating transcendence from hindering patterns & cycles.

A.) Attitude altering tools (such as wisdom + spiritual principles & practices) empower people to internally heal their psyche’s & find self-love + compassion-for-others in their hearts’ if they need healing.

Meditation is known to alter grey brain matter from the Amygdala (primitive reptilian fear response brain – ie fight or flight – ie Cortisol & Adrenaline) to the Hippocampus, thus programming learned-mediated-harmonic-responses to replace subconscious fear responses.

[ie ‘World Transformation Movement – Jeremy Griffith (Biologist)’ –]

[ie ‘Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology’]

[ie ‘Jungian Shadow Work’]

[ie ‘Transcendental Meditation’]

[ie ‘Psychedelics – microdosing on serotonin receptor agonists’]

[‘Book – “Be Here Now” ~ Baba Ramdass & Timothy Leary’]

B.) Healing the Ancestral Trauma of having lost our aquatic habitat and having become hybridized with terrestrial hominids (Caucasians w/ Neanderthals & Asians w/ Denisovans) can allow mankind to envision and actualize adaptation to our relatively new terrestrial habitat (even though we were likely to have been arboreal before returning to the sea 4.4-2mya – ie Ardipithecus), thus transcending our condition of living in fear of – and holding an antagonistic stance against – Nature, of which we are an integral part.

[ie ‘Past Life Regression Therapy’]

[ie ‘Inner eye or third eye (ie Chitta) – remembering to listen to the inner voice in the deep silence’]

[ie ‘Astral Projection’]

[ie ‘Shamanic Visions’]

C.) Diet for Medicine – Animal products & processed foods offer concentrated calories with no fiber, vital phytochemicals or antioxidants necessary to expel the free radicals that are created by processing the caloric intake.

With the proper balance of fruit & vegetables (as well as fish arguably), dairy, meat & sweets don’t pose so much of a problem; but after maintaining a poor unbalanced diet for years, detoxifying advanced glycation end products & reactive oxygen species can be a burdensome process.

However with the proper range of phytochemicals, vitamins, from a full panorama of the various colored vegetables & fruits across the whole plant spectrum year round, thanks to trading goods & advanced cultivation means, we can now develop a better understanding of preventative health.

Synthetic chemical medicines have been found to have direct & intense results in the short term for emergency bandaid approach medicine, but in the long term the side effects of these drugs are causing chronic diseases, stroke, dementia and early death.

Also these synthetic pills and injections merely address the symptoms of underlying core issues that only a proper diet & full mediation of inner turmoil can treat.

[Article on Mushrooms as Medicine:

3.) Renewable & sustainable energy alternatives (ie. Wind, Water, Solar & Geothermal power – thus using the forces of Nature instead of fighting them) + natural alternatives to replace the following: fossil-fuels, nuclear power, synthetic chemical medicine & genetic modification.

This transformation can allow us to do away with dysfunctional reliances on detrimental & toxifying technological development which are systematically destroying nearly every habitat & resource on the face of the Earth.

[ie ‘(Tewari) Over Unity Generator’]

[ie ‘Zero Point Energy’].

[ie ‘Nikolai Tesla’s – Aetherial Field’]

[ie ‘Buckminster Fuller’ – “Use the forces of Nature, don’t fight them.”]

A.) Permaculture, Agro-Ecology, Aqua-Phonics, Earthships, Time-Bank & Barter-Trade Economy, and other such advances in means of sustenance & communal harmonization with eachother as well as the surrounding habitats & resources (instead of depleting soils + polluting waterways with algae blooms & soil with pesticides & herbicides) – can allow mankind to develop an eco-centric worldview in which we are working in unity with one another as well as the plants, animals and resources in our direct and indirect environments.

B.) Integrative Medicine (Eastern & Western), Holistic Preventative Herbalism & Nutrition (such as prebiotics and diets designed for individual needs) – can help human-kind begin to overcome the detriments of vitamin deficiencies & poisoning ourselves with toxic foods that were previously considered universally sound (by not having taken personal needs into account of each unique person’s unique microbiome and epigenetic predispositions).

C.) Organic renewable textiles & materials like; hemp (ie homegrown hemp cloth, organic-hemp-plastic and organic-hemp-made fuel), organic plant based textiles (mushroom &/or pineapple leather), myconol (mushroom based fuel) & ethanol (to replace fossil fuels, plastics and cotton) – will help us reduce toxic waste & pollution, while at the same time providing abundant alternatives to depleting limited resources & harming domesticated animals.

This will also bring us from competition with Nature into cooperation with the natural environment, giving us proper channels to propagate more biodiversity + better renewable resources.

4.) The endeavor to re-integrate language, mathematics, music, art & story telling back to it’s roots before the East + the West lost crucial elements of language, driving them toward the broken and incomplete versions of language that have resulted in today’s society – can create a course of unification towards re-envisioning our common origins as well as allowing us to utilize the advantages of our complementary differences (instead of being divided by our limiting perception of differences which separated us in the past).

a.) Phoenician began phonetic alphabets – thus losing their musical, numerical, pictographic & allegorical meanings, &

b.) Asian pictographic languages (ie Characters) lost their phonetic & allegorical values (ie Chinese has a component of Diatonic Scale in tone & inflection) –

Both of which came from the original Hermetic Heiroglyphs (embossed designs on clay, engraved into stone, stamped into metal, and inked onto papyrus).

These original embossed pictographic characters (much like heiroglyphs as well as ancient Hebrew & Greek) had numerical, phonetic, musical, artistic and allegorical values.

Greek and Hebrew both have both numerical and phonetic values intact, and the Hebrew alphabet even still has maintained its’ musical values.

[ie ‘Noam Chompsky & Dick Young – Universal Root of Grammar’]

A.) Language project; Devising a Universal Codex of Languages to translate Phonetics & Character/Letter Shapes from language to language in a systematic way – will allow people to learn the ins and outs of translation by learning this system, thus enabling them to translate nearly any language into or out of their own.

Objective: Re-Integrate Phonetic/Ideogrammatic (Artistic)/Numerical/Musical values.

B.) The following mathematical projects will allow mankind’s rudimentary understanding of mathematics to advance toward a more applicable understanding of the power that math can yield in our analysis of Nature as well as human behavior – thus pioneering greater discoveries and capabilities to be made in aligning ourselves with the power of the forces of Nature (instead of driving us apart from Nature with excessively abstract and inapplicable limitations that have resulted from a hindering and short sighted system – ie imaginary numbers).

a.) Prime-based number system with a way to devise the pattern of primes by using the newly found key to deeper patterns of numbers. A 6-based number system in which prime numbers only stack under the columns of 1 & 5 (requiring the canceling of squares and factors of 5 that don’t fit in the pattern of primes with the zeta function) – can allow mankind to finally understand the pattern of the building blocks of numbers, which has innumerable implications.

b.) Squaring the circle + circling the square (The circumference of the square can be represented as Pi or as 1 – when represented as 1, the perimeter of the square becomes 4/Pi & each side becomes (4/Pi)/4 ~ Thus symbolizing that a cycle represents unity and division complicates things) – can allow humanity to develop a deeper understanding of the permeability of numbers systems and perspectives, as well as their symbolic applications.

c.) Sacred Geometry – Utilizing Platonic solids, the Golden Ratio (aka Phi), Fibonacci Sequence, Tetragrammaton (ie Sacred Flower of Life), and other aspects of sacred mathematics (rooted in Nature) to awaken ourselves to integration with Nature – thus allowing us to transcend our self-imposed bonds of arbitrary limitations.

5.) Unifying the sciences & mapping fields + forms in vortical & cyclical models (in addition to current linear models) – will facilitate a deeper approach to understanding the Cosmos and utilizing our new found capabilities to envision greater applications of of knowledge, thereby manifesting higher degrees of effortlessness in all circles of human existence.

[ie Documentary – Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds]

A.) Unification theory for electricity, zero point energy, chemistry, astro-physics, black holes, dark energy/matter & quantum mechanics with the recently discovered “Wrinkled Space Theory” – will allow us to understand that the previous rigid assumptions of a purely mechanistic model of existence can now be surpassed, thus allowing us a higher capacity to influence the world around us in ways that will mutually benefit mankind & our great creator, facilitator + sustainer (Nature) – instead of driving us apart from our own source of existence and pushing us further into isolation & disempowerment by weakening us to the forces of Nature.

B.) Integrating ‘vortical dimensional mapping’ + ‘quantum field measurements & mapping’ with the ‘linear & reductionistic mechanistic mapping model’ will conceivably provide us with a more and more accurate way of calculating reality based on amorphous contours, thus helping us derive a deeper, more accurate and precise way to perceive the world around us.

[ie Buckminster Fuller – The closest distance between two points on a globe is an arch.]

C.) The Universal/Galactic/Global/ International Fixed Solar Lunar 13 Month (28 day/month) Calendar can allow women to follow their cycles in unison with the cycles of the moon as the solar-lunar calendar was originally meant to be before the rise of a corrupted patriarchy (which systematically attacked & discouraged Nature based healing practices through the invasion + obfuscation of tribal & Pagan cultures). The failing mechanistic paradigm’s toxifying synthetic culture has become drastically imbalanced by having lost reverence for Nature’s healing powers + failing to reflect upon our respective place as an integral part of Nature.

The aim of this particular endeavor is to help people wake up and come together with practical information on how to bring more effortless abundance to our lives and work with Nature instead of against it. It also aims to put the power of healing thyself into the hands of the common herbalist & nutritionist, thus facilitating sovereignty for those who become aligned with Nature.


Published by Indigo Sage

Wildcat Junglist, Esoteric Mystic & Philosophical Taoist.

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  1. Innovative Theories to explain Age Old Questions:

    1.) Cellular Hive Mind Theory (ie Mitochondria) – Cells (all conceivably having divided from one initial Starseed Mother cell and maintaining a shared collective consciousness) may be sentient and have access to genetic memory from the beginning of life in the universe. They may be our angels, demons, spirits, divine being(s), or puppet masters who pull the strings of our feelings, drives, appetites, limited awareness + be responsible for autonomic functions of the body and subconscious mind as well.

    Consciousness itself (as markedly different than most animals in their established niches) may be a trial & error process through which a displaced organism [that has abandoned previous instincts in a lost environment (ie semi-aquatic)] is allowed to explore new possible coping mechanisms & develop new instincts through plasticity (flexibility of neural networks). But new instincts may not develop fully until full holistic balance is established with the Natural world and the personal environment or shelter as well.

    2.) Aquatic Ape Theory (ie Elaine Morgan & Desmond Morris) – Our lost ancestral trauma of having lost our habitat as (semi)aquatic hominids/mammals has left mankind displaced and struggling to transition back to the terrestrial environment, which may explain our propensity towards escapism (ie bliss in death at the heavenly kingdom) or not feeling like we belong here (ie humanoid aliens engineered us).

    As we have lived in fear of Nature for so long and have developed a crutch of reliance on technology (which may have been preventing us to condition ourselves to adapt), we may very well have been going through the birth pains of this transition since 0.2mya when the first fossil of our ancestors was found to have emerged back into land from the sea.

    3.) Wrinkled Space (or Bundled Aether) Theory – Matter is composed of bundled aether (the fabric of space upon which light travels) which is slowly unraveling (ie half-lives of atoms) but can unravel into a reciprocal form (dark matter) at the event horizon of black holes (ie Stephen Hawking).

    And if it is bent space, this could explain why it bends space (ie gravity). In addition, the very unique nature of this theory can potentially help us leap out of old misinterpretations & the resulting confusion they tend to bring.

    Our analogy of ‘electrons spinning around the nucleus of proton(s) & neutron(s) – to – planets spinning around a central star’ (Rutherford Model of 1911) holds some grounding but certain aspects do not necessarily apply in that they most likely hold some differences.

    Once we realize a model of greater potential, it will sky rocket the amount of possibilities that we have for application of a deeper understanding of quantum physics and a deeper perspective of the inner workings of the Cosmos.

    4.) Universal Codex of Languages – Tracing language back to its roots (ie Noam Chompsky’s Universal Root of Grammar) and drawing some light on the deeper aspects of the original language of man (“Language of the Birds”) which was phonetic, numerical, musical (diatonic scale),artistic (pictograms), & allegorical (stories of symbols).

    Ultimately it may behoove is to consider developing a Codex of Universal Languages & perhaps a global language that integrates all sounds & concepts of every world language, integrating lost aspects like having the phonetic alphabet (from which characters or pictographs are composed) also associated with a prime based number system (derived from a six based number system along with the zeta function – ie Riemann Hypothesis), the diatonic music scale, allegory & artistic pictograms doubling as phonetic, musical & numerical symbols.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Paradigm Discourse:

    Subjectivity is real.

    Objectivity is an extension of Religion rooted in blind faith of the absolute truth of God.

    Without blind faith in God, the only assertion that could be made by the inventor of the scientific method (Rene Descartes) was that this might be a dream (from an evil deceiver).

    People who hold common beliefs can cooperate more effortlessly.

    But is this group mentality of the Western Mechanized World helping or hindering?

    1.) What has the broken “modern scientific model” led us to believe (ie herd mentality)?

    A.) Humans are like bio-chemical machines.

    B.) Animals are dumb and weak.

    C.) Women are dumb and weak.

    D.) Humans are the center of the Universe.

    E.) Technology is the answer to well being.

    2.) How has it led us to cope with our Natural environment?

    A.) Rapid depletion of natural resources.

    B.) Toxification of our us & all else around.

    C.) Fighting the forces of Nature.

    D.) Wanting to escape to another planet.

    E.) Technology over physical prowess.

    “Now, reality as you know it, is defined only by yourself. The best allegory to describe this is the highway: every individual is driving its own car, and their personal tailored reality is defined by what is inside the car. They can look outside of it, and they can see others, but they will only pay close attention to what is inside their own car, or at the traffic signs. You could be living in a completly different universe from the person passing you by.”

    2.) What has the new paradigm of science (quantum energetic model) helped us realize?

    A.) Mind is primary, physical reality 2ndary.

    B.) Conscious mind is being reprogrammed.

    C.) Subconscious beliefs change reality.

    D.) Animals & women are divine.

    E.) Using the forces of Nature strengthens.

    As the Golden age of the Matriarchy rises again, it seems that all of our “progress” as a species may have been a digression.

    Trying to play God and dissect things to understand how they work, plus fiddling with genetic material (making sterile poisonous food), has led us backwards into seeing ourselves as objects.

    As the awakening quickens mankind will finally be restored to an awareness of our divinity within and actuating ourselves as agents of global change to unify with Nature and finally begin to reciprocate the magnanimous benevolence of Gaia once again.

    This dark age is coming to a close!

    The new Renaissance has begun! 😊

    Building Zion from the ashes of Babylon’s ruins, there is finally hope for a new system as the old system fails once again, like it has time & time again.

    Perhaps it is time to learn from our mistakes?

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