The Church of Hell

A hateful angry God doesn’t make much of a positive influence on anyone & can dramatically diminish a person’s well being to feel bullied by God.

Positive reinforcement will always supersede mean guilt-tripping cruelty, whether from a family member, peer, or false presentation of God to impose fear, shame, humiliation, guilt, remorse &/or discouragement.

Often attempts to discourage or control people (ie by claiming God will torture one for eternity in fire & brimstone & convincing someone that he or she brought it on him or herself).

Hell is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible & the Lake of Fire that Jesus mentions is in no way able to be interpreted as the pagan myth of the underworld to which hell is meant to represent in order to scare heathens & barbarians straight in Catholicism.

This modality of socialization may help the collective by making people ashamed of being genuine, even though they may have cruel inclinations. God stooping to the level of a bestial mentality can never show anyone how to emulate a constructive path towards cultivating harmony & inner peace in life.

I forgive those who have mis-portrayed God’s agenda & endeavors in this aspect.

🙏 😇

The church of heaven would not have to use cruel manipulation of hell’s threats to inspire righteousness, but the church of hell (a realm taught about by the ancient Egyptians & Canaanites who worshipped Baphomet & Baal as well as the Druids & Pagans) seems to portray a transgressed God of cruel punitive means.

The Christian God is a merciful & forgiving God who offers love & light to those who realize & repent for their sins. Jesus has atoned our transgressions and given us a heart of flesh to replace the heart of stone carried by those who do not welcome him into their spirits.

Unfortunately the idea of using cruelty to discourage cruelty is not far from taking an eye for an eye, which would make us all blind.

Taking the beam from one’s own eye before judging others could behoove us all. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone of condemnation to those who are learning to manifest kindness & compassion.

Published by Indigo Sage

Wildcat Junglist, Esoteric Mystic & Philosophical Taoist.

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