Global Awakening or Collapse?

[Warning – The following material may be too intense for the weak of heart or for those not of strong mind or for those easily triggered by difficult themes of violence or heinous atrocities that may occur around the globe over the next few decades – alerting us to possible tragedies that may could result from the potential collapse of human society if we are not able to begin the essential paradigm shift that will secure a safer future for generations to come.]

It won’t be long before a drastic shift will begin to take place for better or worse as our world economy continues to collapse to a greater degree, massive death tolls will result from the collapse of our current failing regime of government that has chosen to chase dollars instead of living by moral principles of ethical consideration for the well being of the collective, salvation with the beckoning new way of life that will likely resemble the ways of the ancients with added benefits of new communication skills and abilities as well as wisdom from this golden age of information as this plastic age disintegrates into what will ultimately become the next Golden Age for mankind.

Whether the rising global village will bring the whole collective up from this dark age or a select few of those who are able to survive the great cull that may lie before us if we can not shift our paradigm in time for the masses to take lead; the continuation of this fallen toxic society will not be something we can continue to rely on for security & well being. Our balance with Nature has taken a turn for the worse as we have failed to reciprocate the benevolence of Nature & have taken its many spoils only returning toxic waste instead of altruistic means for balance & prosperity. 🎲

Will we thrive or will we perish after no longer being able to survive with the current collective psychosis of the lost & broken herd mentality? Time will tell and each individual has a role to play in either obliviously defending their annihilation while blindfolded with a veil of self-sabotage – or – awakening to liberate their communities one household at a time with the coming of the new Renaissance, in which we will integrate with Nature & use the forces of Nature to thrive instead of continuing to put up a shield against them bite the hand that feeds.

John Lennon’s Assassin, Mark Chapman, may have tried to warn us, even though his heinous approach may have been deplorable.

“The Catcher in the Rye” supposedly depicts the detriments of following the ego into self sacrifice, the delusion of separation & the abandonment of integrity and principles – for a worrisome eagerness towards financial security in our frivolous society that drives us to live competitively beyond our means to compete with the divisive schemes amidst disheartening discrimination of the many minority groups. He found that “growing up” meant abandoning compassion & righteousness in substitute for a contagious fear of financial insecurity, but many people strive to conform into extravagant decadence beyond their capacity to secure a partner (since poverty statistically leads to distress, poor health & much heavier incidences of miscarriage from stress & poor diet).

Rock music to him was a false flag of hope to keep people digging their own graves financially in order to feed the military industrial complex. His resentments towards the Beatles in particular stemmed from his failure as a song writer & producer of rock music himself, which he blamed John Lennon personally for (since they stole his music).

In Mark Chapman’s attempts to liberate mankind with his message that rock stars are paid by corrupt record labels to provide false hope to the masses, his agenda was misportrayed & he was demonized as a raving lunatic, when he was just trying to awaken mankind & incite a revolution that John Lennon himself seemed to support with quotes like, “The people are the power” & “There is no problem in the world, just solutions that have not yet been found.”

There are traps to catch us in pitfalls in either direction we go, whether towards the American Dream or the starving artist, but if we turn it all upside down & start to realize what is happening, it is arguably in our best interest to go against the herd, break out of our comfort zones & even allow ourselves to be ridiculed and ostracized for not conforming to a broken society. What we can eventually do is abandon mechanized industrial society & build self sustaining sovereign off grid cottages on small plots with vegetable gardens & Earth Ships.

The enticements for Donkey Town – an analogy for urban centers originally built to attract & house factory workers of the Industrial Revolution provided in the classic tale of Pinnochio – (indulgences in sex & drugs plus dens of iniquity as well as extravagant lifestyles striving to live like royalty) are hollow & are foreseeably driving us to hell in a hand basket. Soon this financial collapse will potentially go from people doing jobs we don’t want to do, to most men becoming thieves, burglars & murderers, most women becoming prostitutes & trafficking victims…

…Like it happened in Nigeria (ie when they stocked the Lake Victoria with non-native Nile Perch from down stream to make a packaged fish meat production plant in which they exchanged AK-47’s for fish & caviar with the Russians – but then the foreign fish species decimated all of the wild species & then cannibalized themselves. The fish plant went under – so many started smoking styrofoam to get high at all ages, even kids & then fell into heinous iniquity + self sabotage)…

Then people will resort to civil war dividing & culling their own populations (which was why the Africans traded for automatic weapons because they were already engaged in divide & conquer schemes due to Westernized divisive socialization brainwash – their armies were mostly children & for them an AK-47 was cheaper than a text book)…

After that famine will hit & men first will resort to initially eating the family pets, then the babies & children, then their wives will join them or commit suicide + at that point people will begin to hunt each other for food because all crops & stores will have been raided + livestock stolen & slaughtered. This is the foretold end of days. We can sidestep this brainwash tactic by learning how to take care of ourselves now before it gets too late. This can be a collective awakening of the global village or it can be a slaughter.

“Growing up” will make this a nightmare for the herd, but “wising up” will make our expectations of a nightmarish fate (as cued & imposed by the overabundance of dystopian literature & film) transform into actualizing our dreams to lead us into the destiny we can empower and enrich ourselves to cultivate as we awaken globally & begin to build a new system instead of fighting the old one.

The time is now to awaken & begin to build Zion brick by brick with the collapsing rubble of Babylon that is now burning down after the Kabbalist Prophecy of the end of this Dark Age & a return to Nature begins after the utmost intensity of the detriments of egoism. It will take acting on our fears and worries (instead of being paralyzed by them) to make this necessary & important shift. I stand as a leader to help guide mankind away from feeding the system and building a new one (as Socrates* so well stated will behoove us all).

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