~ We are star seeds no doubt, but what does this really mean?

Are we the lost colony of outer space aliens?

Are we recipients of guidance from extraterrestrial spirit guides?

Are we (like scientology suggests) a bunch of apes who were inhabited by outer space alien spirits?

Who are these outer space aliens?

Are they corporeal humanoids, or perhaps they are humanoid looking avatars of beings unseen?

I have contemplated for decades & wondered where consciousness comes from.

After long consideration of myriad possibilities, I have developed a strong intuition that our higher consciousness (subconscious or collective unconscious or noosphere or hall of akashic records) may be cellular & our consciousness may be guided by this cellular hive mind.

Life on Earth was no doubt spawned from bacterial spore(s) who have come here from the heavens around 7 billion years ago by our best estimation.

The Sun is a 3rd generation star.

Since bacteria all share a hive mind (being that they are all genetic clones from the first mother seed who exhibit variability through adaptation in various environments), all life shares one mind, one heart, one blood, one love, one source, one origin, one mind & one spirit!

When lost star systems proliferated life into the next generation(s) of stars, they were likely to have gradually propagated life into the various star systems of the Galactic Counsel over time.

The idea of humanoid aliens who travel through millions of light years seems hard to swallow for some, and for many it seems unimaginative at best.

However we all intuitively feel that there is some kind of connection there, to life beyond us in the cosmos. Now of course this is not to say that there are not little green men floating around in flying saucers.

However my intuition suggests that these humanoid beings, if they do exists (which does seem somewhat compelling), are most likely one of three things.

Chances are that they are most likely to be humans from the future, a breakaway civilization that either still lives secretly on Earth (perhaps in subterranean fortresses), or moved off of Earth to explore the cosmos around the time of the Great Deluge (11,600BCE), or perhaps even earlier.

The Drake Equation suggests that the chances of two simultaneously existing “advanced” civilizations existing at the same time over the estimated 13.7 billion years that the Universe has existed is slim to none.

Many brilliant scientists (including Stephen Hawking himself & Carl Sagan to name a couple) habe argued that humanoid aliens are unimaginable at best as well as the fact that it is very anthropocentric (species elitist & man centered) to consider other advanced creatures in the cosmos to be anthropomorphic (man like).

The Fermi Paradox suggests that if there are advanced civilizations in the Cosmos (not excluding the fact that they would in all probability be from Earth originally at least if not still here in hiding beneath the ice sheets of the poles or beneath the plateau of Tibet as it has been rumored), we should be seeing them by now.

If they are in fact of Earthly origin it could explain three controversial things. It could explain how they can;

(1.) survive Earth’s atmospheric pressure without being crushed or imploding, it could explain how the can;

(2.) survive otherwise dangerous Earthly micro-organisms (think H.G. Wells’ War of the World’s) & it could explain how they are;

(3.) more genetically compatible with us regardless if they bred us eugenically or genetically engineered us.

It is naturally for us to be biased as to how they achieved such anomalous tasks as build megalithic structures, travel through space & create us as hybrid slaves (as Sitchin suggests – ie Bronze Race = African, Silver Race = Caucasian & Gold Race = Asian – but Native Americans strangely have all racial genetic haplotypes somehow, even including Hebrew, perhaps from the Viricochas) based on technologies that we are familiar with in our present day society; but this may be subject to a lack of imagination for how they lie means may defy our reasoning & current capabilities.

It is indisputable that there have been countless UFO sightings & even a several crashes (at least a couple crashes here in the states), & even though there is a going theory that sleep paralysis could explain the experience of alien abductions, something does seem a bit fishy about this assertion.

Now the idea that energetic spirit guides have alien origins, does not exclude the idea that such beings could travel through time & space in astral projection, much like many humans have claimed to be capable of (myself included).

Although this greatly increases the likelihood of contact with such beings m, the idea that they are humanoid in form has two issues.

For one thing, this does not exclude the idea that they could be humans from the future, past lives, or avatars of the cellular hive-mind (if bacterial share a morphic field like all other species seem to have a collective consciousness).

Another issue is that it could even be Mother Nature communicating to us as Panpsychists might suggest but even if it were extraterrestrials they may or may not look like they are presenting themselves to be, although it would be very feasible that they would present themselves to us as something more recognizable in such a way so that we could be relatively at ease corresponding with them.

In fact if it is the cellular hive-mind corresponding with our inner eye (which they would certainly havmay similarly exhibit itself to the conscious minds of animals & humans as avatars of like beings (since it may otherwise be hard for us to understand their inconspicuous visages).

We are all cellular hyper structures with 7 zillion mitochondria (non human bacterial cells with prokaryotic DNA & forms) in our cells (3 species & 20+ in most of our 70 trillion cells but 200+ in neurons).

Thus bacteria & mitochondria (aka the midichlorians or the force) may be our higher consciousness (the divine within) that communicate to us through the inner eye.

The are the puppet masters of all living beings.

Nature is within us.

Pleiadian & Venusian resonance is strong with me.

May the midichlorian force be strong with you! 😉 

~ Many people have been awakening to the blossoming tapestry of New Age movements & understandings in this global time of spiritual ascendance.

We have been systematically divided & conquered for 5,000yrs by tyrants who prefer to keep us broken & exploitable without being capable of standing together.

We all however have a puzzle piece to the holistic worldview that will liberate us from subversive brainwash being passed down to us through socialization & propaganda.

Some are a bit too up in the airy fairy clouds with the woo woo, yet many are a bit too stuck in the box that minds of the herd mentality are herded into, but what if I told you we all have a purpose & are all half right.

Hermés Trimegistus the trice great king, sage & scribe once said that, “all truths are half false.”

From this we can learn to integrate apparent contradictions which can in fact be reconciled through a deeper understanding of what is known as the paradox (opposites complement & complete one another).

Be careful of the pitfalls of false spiritualism propaganda disempowering you from sharing formidable intuitive beliefs that may unite divided peoples.

Beware of any belief that divides you from others, but feel free to entertain innovative beliefs that will unify mankind beyond their lost herd mentality.

There was obviously no word for genetic engineering in the Sumerian tablets about the Anunnaki. Think eugenics.

There may have been flying crafts of the Viricochas/Anunnaki, but rocket power as VonDaniken suggests may have been a drastic oversight.

Remember that the technology of the ancients was very likely to have to have been highly advanced from our own, but it was probably not just a spruced up version of what we have now, but something quite mysterious & different.

Part of embracing the mystery is thinking outside of the box instead of trying to put everything inside of our lil box of the current day bandwagon of unimaginative speculation.

Maybe the UFO’s were possessed by the Atlantians who traveled by the stars as a navigational map & they were close enough in genetic proximity to the Neanderthals & Denisovans to make viable hybrids by breeding.

The Dogon people of Saharan Africa have legends of amphibious peoples from the direction of Sirius C that were friends with the dolphins (relatives of the porpoise & whale) & brought marijuana (part of the sage family but with activators of the endogenous mammalian endocannabinoid system).

It is likely that these beings were from a break away Earthly civilization who had accessed great wisdom & know how from the higher consciousness through time.

When thus did we get seeded here & how vast is the guidance that comes from the stars above?

Starseeds came from the Cosmos, but most likely as bacterial spores (puppet masters of the subconscious & collective consciousness) billions of years ago.

These spores however may possess a unified cellular hive mind that unifies all life in the Cosmos with one consciousness…

…that may communicate to us (cellular hyperstructure puppets of our higher consciousness) through avatars which are easier for us to commune with than unfamiliar cellular bodies.

If this is true, the advanced civilizations that now guide us in our own (through avatars of our higher consciousness), may have ended corporeally long ago, but have been preserved energetically & crystallized through the akashic forces of the cellular hive mind.

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