“All of our greatest advancements begin in darkness…It’s up to the pioneers to light the way.” ~Project Power

“When it is dark enough you can see the stars.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.” ~Rabindranath Tagore

“However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.” ~Stanley Kubrick

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” ~Victor Hugo

“Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.” ~Desiderius Erasmus

“In the midst of darkness, light persists.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

“It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars.” ~Richard Evans

“What makes night within us may leave stars.” ~Victor Hugo

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.” ~Anne Frank

“Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.” ~Walt Whitman

“Don’t fight darkness, bring the light, and darkness will disappear.” ~Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” ~John (1:5)

“You can’t discover light, by analyzing the dark.” ~Wayne Dyer

Ultimate Questions1:

1.) Origins of Life;

Where did Earth life come from & how is the mind/spirit/energy-body connected to the body?

2.) Origins of Humanity;

Where did mankind come from and why are we markedly different than other mammals/hominids?

3.) Origins of Universe;

What is matter/energy/space and how can we understand the nature of the Cosmos in a unified theory?

4.) Origins of Language;

What is language, how did it begin, can we trace it back to its roots, why don’t we have a Universal Codex of Languages?

~ Eye Opening Possible Answers2:

1.) Origins of Life;

The 20-200 some mitochondria (3 known species of non human bacteria that live in all eukaryotic animal cells) in every human cell (1 zillion+ in the human body within our 50 trillion cells) & around 200-2,000 in every neuron…

Are sentient ancient beings who are all pro-life-rated from the original cell(s) that was/were seeded here 7mya from (an)other star system(s) in the cosmos…

They possess one shared mind and can access all awareness & information from the dawn of existence.

We are their puppets (cellular hyper structure) & they sometimes communicate to us through the inner eye – ie “hallucinations” or visions (maybe as an avatar to encourage or discourage certain intentions & behaviors – ie angels, demons, spirits, star beings).

They connect us to the morphic field (a field of unlimited ubiquitous ancestral knowledge – ie Akashic Field) & they heal us from within (ie placebo effect).

George Lucas called them “The Force” (ie midichlorians).

2.) Aquatic Ape Theory (or Aquatic Homonid Hypotheis);

From astral visions I have been shown our lost ancestral trauma of having lost our home as semi-aquatic (island/beach dwelling) hominids/mammals.

Since we have wandered into the continents, we have used technology as a crutch to cope with transitioning to a terrestrial environment.

But the technology will destroy us if we do not soon transcend the bonds it has cast upon us.

It has become a destructive force to ourselves, our habitats, our environments, the water, the land, the air, the animals amongst us.

But our connection to ancient wisdom & conditioning ourselves to integrate with nature by stepping out of our hindering comfort zones into effortless thriving – can be our salvation.

3.) Wrinkled Space Theory (or Bundled Aether Theory);

Our physical composition consists of 0.001% of our being and the other 99.999% of us is our energetic body in the aether (an older word for the vacuum of space).

Matter itself is wrinkled space (or as I prefer to call it; bundled aether) that is gradually unwinding over billions of years and we are finally realizing that the ancients understood this much more deeply and through quantum physics we are beginning to realize that we influence & alter the world around us merely by our observing it.

Our feelings & intentions play a large part in our impact on the world around us.

This new understanding of the nature of what stardust (aka matter) is to a deeper extent than was previously unrealized can explain concepts that used to baffle science.

If matter/stardust is wrinkled-space/bundled-aether, then this would explain why it bends space and why atoms break down over time (ie half-lives).

4.) Origins of Language & Universal Codex of Languages;

Language connects us and has degraded ever since Babylonians seeded language confusion to prevent crowding & pillaging of their cities.

Before language confusion, the universal language of the birds was a number system, phonetic alphabet, a musical scale & a set of allegorical icons with telling stories.

By reconnecting our languages through finding the root of all languages, we can unite as a global village or tribe to realize that we are Nature & the Cosmos is divine, but evil or dis-ease is a result of the delusion that we are separate…

Pondering Age Old Questions2:

1.) Cellular Hive Mind Theory (ie Mitochondria);

– Cells (all conceivably having divided from one initial Starseed Mother cell and maintaining a shared collective consciousness) may be sentient and have access to genetic memory from the beginning of life in the universe. They may be our angels, demons, spirits, divine being(s), or puppet masters who pull the strings of our feelings, drives, appetites, limited awareness + be responsible for autonomic functions of the body and subconscious mind as well.

Consciousness itself (as markedly different than most animals in their established niches) may be a trial & error process through which a displaced organism [that has abandoned previous instincts in a lost environment (ie semi-aquatic)] is allowed to explore new possible coping mechanisms & develop new instincts through plasticity (flexibility of neural networks). But new instincts may not develop fully until full holistic balance is established with the Natural world and the personal environment or shelter as well.

2.) Semi-Aquatic Hominid Hypothesis;

– Merfolk (ie Elaine Morgan & Desmond Morris) – Our lost ancestral trauma of having lost our habitat as (semi)aquatic hominids/mammals has left mankind displaced and struggling to transition back to the terrestrial environment, which may explain our propensity towards escapism (ie bliss in death at the heavenly kingdom) or not feeling like we belong here (ie humanoid aliens engineered us).

As we have lived in fear of Nature for so long and have developed a crutch of reliance on technology (which may have been preventing us to condition ourselves to adapt), we may very well have been going through the birth pains of this transition since 0.2mya when the first fossil of our ancestors was found to have emerged back into land from the sea.

3.) Wrinkled Space (or Bundled Aether) Theory;

– Matter is composed of bundled aether (the fabric of space upon which light travels) which is slowly unraveling (ie half-lives of atoms) but can unravel into a reciprocal form (dark matter) at the event horizon of black holes (ie Stephen Hawking).

And if it is bent space, this could explain why it bends space (ie gravity). In addition, the very unique nature of this theory can potentially help us leap out of old misinterpretations & the resulting confusion they tend to bring.

Our analogy of ‘electrons spinning around the nucleus of proton(s) & neutron(s) – to – planets spinning around a central star’ (Rutherford Model of 1911) holds some grounding but certain aspects do not necessarily apply in that they most likely hold some differences.

Once we realize a model of greater potential, it will sky rocket the amount of possibilities that we have for application of a deeper understanding of quantum physics and a deeper perspective of the inner workings of the Cosmos.

4.) Universal Codex of Languages;

– Tracing language back to its roots (ie Noam Chompsky’s Universal Root of Grammar) and drawing some light on the deeper aspects of the original language of man (“Language of the Birds”) which was phonetic, numerical, musical (diatonic scale),artistic (pictograms), & allegorical (stories of symbols).

Ultimately it may behoove is to consider developing a Codex of Universal Languages & perhaps a global language that integrates all sounds & concepts of every world language, integrating lost aspects like having the phonetic alphabet (from which characters or pictographs are composed) also associated with a prime based number system (derived from a six based number system along with the zeta function – ie Riemann Hypothesis), the diatonic music scale, allegory & artistic pictograms doubling as phonetic, musical & numerical symbols.


~ Placebo & Nocebo Effect1&2;

– Our core belief system combined with independent thinking that liberates us from reliance on the sick care system for healing, can heal us (censored in America).

* Fake surgeries & sugar pills (exceptions to liberating aspect).

– Our core belief system when combined with reliance on certified sick care doctors can induce potentially life-threatening maladies &/or conditions (ie. chemo-therapy genocide is only 3% effective).

* Mis-diagnoses without second opinions (ie. Elon & Covid).

[David Hamilton, Joe Dispenza, Greg Braden & Bruce Lipton]

~ Eastern Holistic or Integrative Medicine & Tribal Herbalism1&2;

– Killed off in the Western World with paganism (ie. Druidism)

* Now taught in England’s public schools (censored in America).

~ Human Microbiome Project1;

– Non-human genes outnumber human genes 150:1 in the human body (censored in America).

[Urban Monk – Follow up to the Human Genome Project]

~ Panpsychism1&2;

– Nature, of which we are an integral part, has a mind & is integrated with the divine cosmic force (censored in America).

[Rupert Sheldrake & Kabbalah]

~ Aquatic Ape Theory2;

– Humans left their habitat at sea & beaching at night as semi-aquatic hominids 200,000+yrs ago (censored in America).

– In America subversive divisive propaganda has promoted hollow absolutist brainwash schisms (aliens &/ skepticism or relativism).

~ Morphic Resonance1&3 & Morphic Fields1&2;

– The laws of Nature gradually shift together holistically overtime but are always consistent universally at any one time (ie. resonance).

* Allows us to transcend absolutism & enter nominalism.

* A way to transcend the mechanistic reductive material paradigm.

– Every species, genus, phylum, family, kingdom shares a mind & has access through into the past back until the beginning of life (ie. fields).

* Animals use this to access instincts & effortless thriving in balance.


1.) Masked integration of spirituality & science (the Cartesian empirical scientific method is founded on the basis of aspiring towards the absolute truth of God by comparing our perceptions to escape relativism & overcome misperceptions like flat Earth or multi-dimensional theory, humanoid aliens aka space angels & space demons).

1a.) Blind Spirituality & Religion with shaky foundations (we are a spirit or alien or mind or soul having a simulated human experience & the body is not real) versus

1b.) Blind Science with shaky foundations (we are a mechanistic body or machine with no spirit, soul or mind – the mind is a delusional fabrication).

– The sick-care industry is thriving financially by covering up the root causes of our current epidemic of chronic diseases, even though the US has one of the worst “health-care” systems, but profits as one of the most financially well off markets in the world at the expense of our health.

Doctors are not trained in nutrition & even if they were, it would not make any money for the pharmaceutical industry which funds them.

Thus is it up to us to save ourselves!


1.) Higher Consciousness & Origins of Life;

~ The Powers of the Microbiome;

We have ~ 1,400,000,000,000,000+ mitochondria (3 species of endogenous bacteria 200-2000 in each cell – more in neurons), 30,000 protozoans, 40,000 species of other bacteria, 5,000,000 of fungal cultures & 10^31 viruses ~ in the human body (50-70 trillion human cells).

Genes in the microbiome outnumber the genes in the human genome 150:1. Daniel Richards 

The human genome has 20,000 genes, but a flea has 30,000.

Now that we know we rely on microbes to even digest our food, hopefully we can stop killing ourselves & everything around us with out fruitless microbial paranoia & mass hysteria.

Most white people suffer from Vitamin D3 deficiency (which is essential for serotonin production – ie bonding + cooperation) & many of us have lead (passed down in the bones through several generations) & mercury poisoning which cause anti-social behavior and brain damage respectively.

Hippocrates was right! Food is medicine, but much of the processed and industrialized food we make today is more like poison (ie round up &/or antibiotics to growth hormones, mercury &/or fluoride).

In 1945 40% of the food Americans ate was from their garden. Nowadays it’s less than a tenth of a percent.

In the 60’ & 70’s we stopped doing farming practices to naturally enrich soil (turning soil over & switching between plots every other year) and now we add synthetic chemicals instead as well as carcinogenic pesticides & insecticides instead.

All of the “progress” we have made with the Industrial Revolution has destroyed Nature & our health is being sabotaged in ways + at levels that no one could have expected.

~ Oneness;

Everything in the living world is made out of bacteria & dna, conscious is made out of bacteria & dna, energy of life is made out of bacteria & dna, bacteria & dna are made out of atoms, energy is made out of atomic sub particles that can be seen as waves in time lapse from a slower perception, all waves & particles are made from bundled aether, aether is made from the fabric of space, life is made from aether, aether is made from Source, mind comes from Spirit, all is one, infinity is nothingness with a twist. O = ♾

This is bundled aether or wrinkled space theory, the fabric of life. This is the cellular hive mind consciousness theory, the fabric of consciousness. We are cellular hyperstuctures, bacteria are our puppet masters & control our minds, Spirit is the Source of life & controls bacteria, this is cellular starseed theory, the fabric of all cosmic life & consciousness. Embrace the oneness + all of the manifestations of yin & yang become love + light or warmth + energy or their lack. 💞😇⚡️

Find warmth in your hearts, find love in your spirit, find peace in your mind, find integration in your soul, find insight in perspective, find forgiveness & unconditional love in source, all things are a manifestation of source, this is spirit. We can learn to find gratitude & blessings in disguise from lack by learning not to take things for granted by learning what not to do. We can learn to appreciate the blessings of fullness by showing us the way. This is the Tao, a path of self discovery & integration with Nature. 💕 💝 🙏 💫 ✨

~ What is the Subconscious?

– Cellular Hive Mind Theory – Cells (all conceivably having divided from one initial cell and maintaining a shared collective consciousness) may be sentient and have access to genetic memory from the beginning of life in the universe. They may be our puppet masters who pull the strings of our limited consciousness + be responsible for autonomic functions of the body and subconscious mind as well.

Consciousness may be a trial & error process through which a displaced organism [that has abandoned previous instincts in a different environment (ie semi-aquatic)] is allowed to explore new possible coping mechanisms + coping mechanisms & develop new instincts through plasticity (flexibility of neural networks). But new instincts may not develop fully until balance isn’t established with the Natural world.

2.) Aquatic Ape Theory & Human Origins:

Aquatic Ape Theory (ie Elaine Morgan) – Our lost ancestral trauma of having lost our habitat as aquatic hominids/mammals has left mankind displaced and struggling to transition back to the terrestrial environment, which may explain our propensity towards escapism (ie bliss in death at the heavenly kingdom) or not feeling like we belong here (ie humanoid aliens engineered us).

As we have lived in fear of Nature for so long and have developed a crutch of reliance on technology (which may have been preventing us to condition ourselves to adapt), we may have been going through the birth painstaking of this transition since 0.2mya when the first fossil of our ancestors was found to have emerged back into land from the sea.

~ In the channeled message, Law of One, from Ra (spirit of the Sun), back in the mid 1980’s, it is suggested that we are currently in 3rd density – a dimension in which we are subject to “the veil of forgetting”.

This veil blocks our memory of all past lives so that we can make an authentic choice between good (service to others – the path of light) & evil (service to self – the path of darkness).

Our future selves (5th density – throat chakra) are sent back to offer us guidance, as “the higher self”, toward mediating inner turmoil & cultivating self-healing, self forgiveness + self love.

Those who choose the path of light are chosen for “the harvest” (aka ascension) and brought through the veil to 4th density.

Hence the subconscious may enable intuition rooted in wisdom from past lives & guidance from the higher self, without giving away the source (hence the hidden nature of the subconscious mind).

It is said that when we learn something new, we are really just remembering what we subconsciously already know.

~ As it is portrayed from the channeled message, Ra has offered this wisdom to us back in Ancient Egypt (known at the time as Al Khemu- Colony of Lemuria or Mu), but thisninformation has been jangled up through the ages & mistranslated in the Bible (ie 7 days of creation).

According to the message of The Law of One, there are seven stages of development of the Cosmos, the beginning stages being more lengthy than later one’s.

The seven stages are associated with the 7 chakral energies, 1 = being, 2 = awakening to surroundings, 3 = awareness of self (ego created by distinctions of separation), 4 = love & compassion (self love & forgiveness as well – transcending delusions of separation), 5 = balance (ending soul contracts of martyrdom to benefit one & all simultaneously), 6 = transcendence of temporality, 7 = awakening as God.

~ Human Origins:

– In the Holy Bible (most translated book in the world) God teaches us that we were made in his nature & likeness (of character) to be jealous, angry & punishing (particularly if we do not atone for our sins) but also forgiving, merciful & loving (as long as we repent for our transgressions + ask for forgiveness).

The Hebrew translation states, “We made man in our character & our likeness.”

The mistranslation that God looks like us has misled us over the past couple millennia to fall into anthropocentrism & anthropomorphism.

Kabbalists & Ancient Polytheistic Hebrew people worshipped a pantheon of Gods (Shamash, Binah, Elohim, Adonai, Yahweh) & God had a wife (Asherah) who is now mistranslated in the book of revelations as “the tree of life” or “Jerusalem” to hide gender equality after the enslavement of women at our fall from grace during the beginning of written language & mathematics.

During this time money (gold) & prostitution were invented by man to enslave women (ie Mosaic Law) after having been their servants and protectors for millions of years.

But before this dark age of the corrupt patriarchy, the Golden Age of the Sacred Feminine Matriarchy was a time in which all of mankind was one with Nature & lived in a thriving state of harmony, even though our toils were challenging + we relied on cooperation to keep ourselves from being overwhelmed by the forces of Nature.

It was during the end of this time that the Pre-Deluvian Empire began to rise & cultivate a breakaway civilization of high technology, which ultimately led to the destruction of their homeland.

After the arrogance (imbued in the advanced technology this culture had created) destroyed the island from which they sprang, this culture began to take refuge on continental mainlands, civilizing the savages & creating several hybrid slave races, which are the humans of today.

Current mainstream anthropological views suggest that written language did not arise until the Mesopotamian civilizations arose, beginning with Sumer (which had cuniform as an advanced form of token counting in its origins).

However the true source of written language is now becoming apparent in this awakening time of the golden age of information.

New findings have shown that written language was actually invented by a woman, and the idea that Sumer was the first civilization always seemed preposterous intuitively, since it began fully advanced without any sign of a gradual development.

It is now thought that Eve (the first matriarch of the Silver slave race) invented script (which was originally used to scratch messages into the sand, but later onto slate) & that her great great great great grandson Enoch (aka Idris Nabiullah in Arabic, Ankhukh in Angelic, Tehuti in Khemetian, Ningshzida in Mesopotamian, Thoth in Helenistic, Hermes in Greek, Mercury in Roman & Enoch in Hebrew) was the first book writer and was known to have written or enscribed 36,525 books (many of which may have been a writing down of ancient stories that had been carried on by word of mouth for countless generations.

The thrice great King was reputed to only have lived 365 years even though his lineage & descendants all lived to around 900 years of age until the great flood, during the time of Noah, Enoch’s great great grandson.

So if Cuniform was not the first written language, then what in fact was the first language?

In my research over the past 20 years of deep inquiry into the origins of mankind & written language I have discovered that Guanche (tribal language of the Canary Islands), later known as Basque (Euskara – spoken) & Berber (Tenerife – alphabet), which has many cognates with Armenian, was actually the first written language.

The English word Axe comes from the Guanche word Axiel, which means “stone club”, suggesting that their language was invented during the paleolithic era, sometime between 10,000yrs ago & 2.5mya.

~ The 4.2 million years that we had disappeared from the fossil records (ie. missing link 4.4mya-200,000yrs ago) led us to show back up in the fossil record with reduced canines (an indication of primate aggression), implying that male aggression was not selected in breeding & thus gradually weeded out since we were likely to have been thriving in an abundant + plentiful environment.

This makes sense by the fact that our brain size (relative to our body size) grew dramatically as the result of moving to a more enriched nutrient dense diet (likely to have been the sea – which is why human babies are the only terrestrial mammal that can swim at birth but cannot walk).

The currently taught Serengeti savanna missing link theory (that we became bipedal to stalk prey over tall grass & absurdly lost our coat of fur because it was too hot – even though a coat of fur prevents the sun from heating the skin & protects us from getting chills from the wind at night) has been recently disproven by the fact that this area was still a jungle during the time when our actual missing link evolved.

~ If we were beach dwelling semi-aquatic hominids from 4.4mya up until 0.2mya when we showed back up in the fossil record, it would explain why we rapidly transformed to have a larger brain & lost our coat of fur.

It also explains our awkward + slow terrestrial mobility & weak skin, low density muscle tissue, brittle teeth & finger nails, dietary needs (all meat, dairy & grains are toxic (cause inflammation & block the liver to dramatically lower our vitality + they worsen our dangerously acidic pH) to us but fish (& vegetables that also have omega 3 rich fatty oils) are anti-inflammatory.

There is a good reason why we cannot even eat meat without fire (which was only discovered 50,000yrs ago) & a cutting tool

Before the Younger Dryas ice age, we used to live close to 1,000yrs by exclusively eating nuts, seeds, vegetables & fruits (unless in emergency times of famine). Methuselah in the Bible supposedly lived to around 900yrs old (even though mankind went by a lunar calendar until around 3,000BCE when all cultures seemed to simultaneously develop an understanding of the solar calendar), but after the Great Deluge (at the end of the Younger Dryas Ice Age in 11,600BCE) Noah & his descendants (who lived nearly exclusively off of a toxic emergency diet of meat, dairy & grains) were only able to live to about 100yrs all of the sudden. After countless generations of eating a toxic diet, people are now lucky to live to 100yrs + it has become very rare being that our average life expectancy is about 70yrs (which is beginning to decline due to the over-indulgent Standard American Diet or S.A.D. diet heavy of meat sweets & dairy with few non-starch vegetables + exposure to toxic synthetic chemicals of mechanized industrialization)..

~ Aquatic pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, walruses, et cetera) used to live on land & their terrestrial ancestor was recently discovered. Bears are also pinnipeds.

Dolphins, porpoises & whales also used to live on land & still breath air. The terrestrial ancestor of the dolphin has been found and it looks like a saber tooth tiger with a long snout.

~ Returning back to the terrestrial environment (after the lost ancestral trauma in which we lost our habitat – likely due to an ice age) with aquatic mammal features has been a difficult transition for mankind (a hybrid slave species made by 1. the fallen angels or giants & 2a. Denisovans – to create Asians the golden race who was chosen to stay in the Garden of Eden +2b. Neanderthals – to create Caucasians the silver race cast out of the Garden of Eden & 2c. An undiscovered hominid ancestor – to create Africans the bronze race).

Thus our inclination towards escapist belief systems of having come from the heavenly kingdom or being spawned by aliens starts to make more sense as a way to deny our forgotten Earthly origins at sea which led to the Kingdom of Poseidon or Neptune (the city of golden gates in which horses were domesticated 20,000+yrs ago).

The fallen angels (also known as “the kings of old” or “those who came from above” or “the Annunaki” -meaning “Son’s of Anu”) we’re likely to have been the Atlantians who were said (by Solon & later Plato) to have lost their habitat around the year 11,600BCE, likely due to the massive impact of a comet in Greenland that rapidly melted the glaciers + flooded the coastlines all around the world leaving most of the megalithic ruins of the highly advanced Pre-Deluvian Empire undersea just off of the current coastline.

This comet impact (and the appearance of Anu’s army) was thought to have coincided with the appearance of the dark star Nibiru or Tiamat (1 Char or orbit of Nibiru was said to have been around 3,600yrs) which according to legend destroyed the morning star Lucifer (a planet that was crushed into the “hammered bracelet” aka asteroid belt) sending it’s moon “Luna” into our orbit during one of it’s recurrent crossings of the planetary orbit.

The biblical story was that fire rained from the sky & the seas ran red with blood, which is also mentioned in the great flood stories of Mesopotamia & Ancient Egypt (known at the time as “Al Khe-Mu” or the colony of Mu or Lemuria) as well as Meso-American & other tribal stories.

These were an advanced sea faring people said to have civilized all of mankind (agriculture, metallurgy, art, crafts, music, dance, shelter building, seeking counsel of an elder to mediate conflict, et cetera), even though they were known as a powerful cruel waring sea-faring & shepherding civilization.

The Dogons of Saharan Africa claimed that they (the Nomo’s – associated with Sirius C – a star yet to be discovered) were amphibious people who brought cannabis & dolphins + all aspects of civilization.

~ We had likely been in a close reciprocative relationship with dolphins during our time as beach dwelling sea-faring hominids which explains why they continue to follow & protect us, as well as strangely try to breed with us + help women give water births without human interference.

~ As soon as we can learn our true origins, we can finally begin to adapt to the terrestrial environment & evolve to thrive instead of remaining in climatized & sterilized cages + fighting the forces of Nature (against which we have built a shield for the last 200,000yrs) instead of embracing them & using them.

Unless we integrate with Nature (comprehend, copy & cooperate), mankind is doomed to destroy the vital resources upon which we rely with the toxic detriments of Westernization of Mechanized Industrialization.

We have forgotten our place here, taken our blessings for granted, failed to reciprocate the benevolence of Nature & lived struggling in fear since the beginning of human civilization at the end of the Golden Matriarchal Age.

This dark age is coming to a close as the global village awakens to build Zion from the ashes of Babylon as it crumbles to the ground.

~ Great Deluge;

New findings suggest that the Great Deluge (aka Noah’s Flood) was likely the result of a massive comet impact in Greenland around 11,600BCE.

• Pre-Deluvian Empire Explained:

The great flood flooded all of the coastal cities & drove refugees inland to begin civilization again.

Gobekli Tepi, a gathering of refugees from multiple cultures, was thought to have been the first post-deluvian megalithic ruin & has been dated at 11,600BCE.

The pre-deluvian empire was one of astoundingly complex technology, masonry, world-wide imposition of civilization on all corners of the globe that was permanently lost after the coastline flooded & the vast majority of giants (Annunaki, Atlantians, Elohim, Fallen Angels, et cetera) were mostly lost from human society after having been systematically defeated by their slaves (bronze or African, silver or Caucasian, & gold or Asian).

They were thought to have had elongated skulls, Rh negative blood type, six digits, hairlessness, blue skin, blue blood, an androgenous appearance, webbed phalanges, et cetera.

Nefertiti & Akhenaten (ie decree of monotheism to worship Sun God only) were said to have been the only Pharaohs to plainly show their elongated skulls & unusual features.

Lord Anu (the father of the Annunaki) was associated with the binary dark star Nibiru, potentially because the comet impact in Greenland around 11,600 (at the end of the Younger Dryas Ice Age) was likely the result of the crossing of Nibiru, which displaced moons into the TNO (Trans-Neptunian-Object or dwarf planet) range & dragged ice in its wake from the oort cloud & Kuiper Belt.

The idea of these peoples having come feom outerspace fails to take into account;

1.) the Fermi Paradox (idea that the likelihood of two separate advanced planetary civilizations simultaneously existing in the cosmos or even solar system is highly improbable).

2.) The idea that an alien race could survive our pressure system &/or microbial inoculation is very unlikely,

3.) The idea that UFO’s (known of as far back as the destruction of Krishna’s city off the coast of Dwarka, India by vimanas with weapons as powerful as ten thousand sun’s) could travel outside of an atmosphere is not known to be possible based on the information gained from the retro-engineering of the Roswell craft (ie Bob Lazaar), finding that locomotion occurred due to creating magnetic depressions in the atmosphere (hence how they could ‘turn on a dime’ so to speak without being bombarded by centrifugal force).

However it makes sense that people might have made such an association of a breakaway civilization first appeared after their island was destroyed or flooded by the comet impact & resulting glacial run off by the crossing of Nibiru.

• Aquatic Ape Theory Revisited:

~ Avery Holt said Neanderthals & Denisovans were not domesticated nor domesticatable.

Not only do we already know with definitive evidence that Neanderthals (prevalent in caucasian genome) & Denisovans (prevalent on asian genome) are part of the human genome, the area where Neanderthals interbred with is was in the Mediterranean region, Eastern Europe & Mesopotamia (where megalithic structures were built).

The area where the Denisovans existed (Asia to Americas) were areas where mounds & megalithic structures were built (Incan & Aztec + Mayan).

Recent findings have proven that Denisovans were highly sophisticated 20,000yrs ago, having domesticated horses & worn ceremonial jewelry.

Neanderthals were known to have had funerals for the dead & left a proliferation of flowers at the grave sites long ago.

~ Avery Holt said having 6-fingers would have come from inbreeding. 

The inbreeding was guaranteed amongst the O negative blood type (Atlantian ruling class – blue bloods).

Until a chemical was recently made to save women &/or babies whose parents mixed rhesus positive with rhesus negative blood, negative blood & positive blood could not produce viable offspring & instead would always cause death.

The inbreeding was thought to have caused not only a higher prevalence of 6 digits, it also was thought to have led to light colored hair & eyes.

~ Avery Holt said that aquatic mammals experience less UV radiation & argued that we would have had oily fur like otters.

Thanks for the heads up about the lack of UV in aquatic environments! 🙏 


Egyptian legends state that these people had blue skin (possibly due to the lack of iron in their blood, as they may have used copper to transport oxygen).

We slept on the beaches at night like seals, walruses, sea lions, et cetera, but if we spent time in the day on the beaches with no coat of fur (from living semi-aquatically at sea for millions of years), then we would have developed better pigmentation.

The only other theory (Jeremy Griffith – Freedom) is that women selected baby like traits in selective breeding with men (hairless & docile), which is obvious to some by the fact that we have reduced canines (indicative of lower aggression) compared to other more stout & hairy primates.

However the baby grows a coat of fur in the womb & then with a change in habitat from semi-arboreal &/or terrestrial to semi-aquatic (4.4mya), living at sea made it important to have leas body hair to enable streamline diving + swimming capabilities.

We most certainly had & still have a sebum gland on our forehead only to protect the hair on our head (protected us from the sun when surfacing for air & helped babies hold on to mothers as they swam).

The pictures of hairy post-humans were based on the false Younger Dryas Theory that has recently been disproven (it was not a savannah then, but a jungle).

If we needed oily fur at sea, why would we then lose our ability to protect ourselves from sun & wind chill or cold on land after coming back to the terrestrial environment?

We had blubber to keep us warm @ sea & still have adipose tissue as one of the only mammals who currently live terrestrially.

I’d love to hear a better theory! 🙏

~ Avery Holt said that we did not hunt the megafauna into extinction.

Yes, the impact in Greenland caused a massive sudden flood (Deluge) & many mammoths were instantly washed into icy graves, many of which froze in nearly perfect preservation.

We did hunt mammoths however & used their bones to make fireplaces, amongst other things.

Truth About Reptilians:

Most reptilians are not evil, but David Wilcock definitely is!

He is one of the primary fear propagandists trying to distract us from the truth that Reptilians are the vestiges of Atlantis (now residing in Antarctica 2mi under the ice).

A rH- blood factor amphibious breakaway civilization that bred mankind as a hybrid slave race (Atlantian-Neanderthals = Caucasian & Atlantian-Denisovan = Asian).

They have had flying saucers (aka Vimanas) for thousands of years & civilized the Ancient Egyptians (aka Al Khemu – meaning colony of Mu or Lemuria) + Atlan people (Aztec & Mayan peoples).

Graham Hancock is a liberator & truth seeker.

David Wilcock & David Icke are subversive fear propagandists.

It’s hard for many people to come down from their fascination with this “humanoid aliens” (space angels & space demons to scare/distract atheists/spiritualists) distraction (keeping the history of our true origins lost).

Our true needs lie in not only self healing (spiritually, emotionally, romantically & socially), we also need to address the senseless destruction of the Natural environment.

Many false New Age spiritual camps have been established to suggest that this world is:

A.) an illusion or simulation or hologram,

B.) part of a multiverse where all possibilities happen, so no need to really care about the choices we make,

C.) we are from another world or plane where we belong & this is just a place where we live in misery until we die & find supposed salvation.

Or atheistic scientific disempowerment propaganda like:

1.) We are just chemical machines with unavoidable predispositions to life threatening chronic disease.

2.) Consciousness & free will are not real + just a figment of our imagination.

3.) There is no God & thus right & wrong + truth & lies are relative to a person’s subjective preferences (backed by theory/evidence).

It’s time to wake up for those who have a destiny to transcend fear.

For others who have a darker fate & are drawn towards fear, it’s time to go to sleep & be given another chance to choose a higher path.

• Discourse on Awakening Now:

~ It is time for humanity to awaken from our denial & slumber. 😴 

Wild animals are divine & undeniably full of God’s Grace, evident by their effortless thriving & deep balance with Nature. 🦓 

Mankind however is a lost & confused species of animals, having fallen from grace 0.2mya.

As hard as we try, we still struggle and our imbalance with the Natural Environment is becoming somewhat of a nightmare, regardless of whether or not we play any part in climate change.

If we are to learn how to avert our own self destruction, we will need to rectify our attitude & understanding of ourselves first before any true progress can be made.

Most of us are victims of the delusion of self, propagated by socialization of Western Society & the resulting ego.

One can stand on either side of the scale or perhaps have aspects of either side of this delusion, helping one end at the expense of the other (whether helping the self or others).

Many who choose to help themselves at the expense of others enter into a state of denial of their dysfunction to benefit one and all.

Self glorification or self idealization is this state, and we as a species are mainly of this attitude of superiority as a race.

However our denial has begun to fade, realizing that we are an integral part of Nature & the more we destroy Nature, the more we destroy ourselves.

Our time has come to awaken & cultivate balance with Nature, as well as come to a better understanding of our origins.

Those who choose to help others at the expense of themselves are likely to enter into a different form of detriment, the detriment of martyrdom & submission to exploitation.

Although mankind has a strong tendency towards escapism and we have no clear understanding of our origins as a species or for Earth life itself, new answers have arisen.

It’s easy to make the excuse that we are not from Earth, and that we belong in the heavenly kingdom or on an alien planet from which our ancestors have forgotten us.

But what if we learned that we are a species of animal in such a transition of habitats, that Nature gave us free will to cultivate new instincts & adapt to a new niche?

If we are actually lost aquatic hominids, born with instincts to thrive naturally at sea, but we socialize one another to develop learned abilities to speak and walk instead; what could this mean for our evolution as a species? 🐟 

Having come this far, it seems foolish to turn back; so what comes next? 🏝 

If we want to make a bigger leap towards effortless thriving from our current state of effortful struggling two things must happen;

1.) We must end our reliance with technology, in place of complementing ourselves with it.

2.) We must learn to condition ourselves to thrive as a species by challenging ourselves.

There is no doubt that our adept capabilities to develop technology (aided by our advanced dexterity) have helped us make it this far in our transition as a species with awkward mobility & a lack of proper terrestrial instincts.

However, we may have to ask ourselves, “What do we hope to achieve?”

If we want to stay (or stifle) in our comfort zone (or rut), we will certainly not learn or grow.

If we seek to learn & grow towards a more balanced & harmonious existence as a species, it will require stepping out of our comfort zone + gaining a willingness to strengthen ourselves with conditioning.

This conditioning will be of several aspects;

A.) Physical    – ie The Elements

B.) Emotional – ie Inner Turmoil

C.) Social       – ie Blame

D.) Spiritual   – ie Delusion of Separation

And so, if we can learn to condition ourselves to thrive effortlessly in Nature (ie inner fire, self healing, pigmentation, rewilding, nutrition), emotionally & socially (ie Jungian Shadow Work) + spiritually (realizing the divine is within us & accessing it) – generations to come will have a better chance to understand Nature’s plan for us.

~ We are all one & share one mind!

It’s easy for us to blame others & perpetuate denial of stunted personal development by blaming others & projecting our own character defects onto others.

Self healing with forgiveness and self love has been proven to alleviate the inner turmoil that is naturally cultivated by Western socialization of the ego.

The delusion of separation (ie ego) leads to abandoning authenticity out of the need for approval & acceptance.

However not everyone has the necessary self love & forgiveness to go through this process at any given time in his or her life.

Because of this it is more helpful to many individuals to stay in denial and blame others for their problems, instead of helping them realize that they are their own worst enemy & can now stop fighting themselves.

Due to this conundrum, we have developed as a species to cultivate what Nietzsche called “the herd mentality”, collective glorification of ‘the broken’ to band up against those who display excellence.

This kind of dysfunction at the collective level has helped mankind overthrow their exploiters during the fall of the Roman Empire, but at what cost?

At our current state, being outwardly better than the group can single one out as a threat, which often intimidates others & creates conflict.

Collective insecurity as made it so that the dreamers or pioneers are shunned & the followers or fakers are welcomed (peer pressure to follow the herd, even though they are lost).

It will take a lot for mankind to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps out of this predicament, but as chaos builds on many levels (political, environmental, financial, personal, social, romantic, et cetera).

However it is worth it to break out of this comfort zone that is swallowing us up right before our eyes.

The answers are right under our nose & if we don’t learn from our past, we will be doomed to repeat it.

3.) Wrinkled Space Thoery or Bundled Aether Theory;

~ Bundled Aether Theory:

All is one in the sense that matter is wrinkled space bundled up into wound up space that is unraveling (energy) & after matter &/or energy hits the horizon of black holes reversing flow (dark energy) into reverse bundles (dark matter) ejected at the poles of black holes.

This could mathematically explain gravity, black holes, quasars, stars, atoms, quantum entanglement aka spooky action, Higgs field, quantum mechanics (ie slit experiment), gravity (wrinkled space wrinkles space), half life of atoms (unraveling bundles shedding bundle layers), string theory, electromagnetic frequencies, subatomic particles, particles (frozen outside of time), waves (blurred through time lapse of space), faraday cages, cetera.

~ What are Black Holes Made of?

Black holes may be a phenomena in which matter is turned to dark matter at the event horizon.

They could be a ripple in space.
Matter may be bundled unraveling space (hence bending space, atomic half lives, provides reasoning for why dark matter is a reciprocal form).

If matter is bundled aether or wrinkled space, black holes would be collapsed space or aether.

During the time of Einstein “the vacuum of space” was known as a fabric upon which light travels called aether.

In the science of infosomatics & the simulation theory of hologrammatic fabric of external awareness, there is an idea that black holes may be a place where information is stored.

This information may be what is known as the Akashic record (Ancient Egypt – Al Khemu) collective unconscious/subconscious/consciousness (Carl Jung) aka the noosphere (Rudolph Steiner).

A newer ideation for this concept is called Morphic Resonance or Morphic Fields (Rupert Sheldrake). Rupert Sheldrake also has developed a new spiritual worldview called panpsychism, the idea that Nature has a mind (ie God).

I have a theory called Cellular Hive Mind Theory, which suggests that bacteria (the building block of all life – ie mitochondria) may share a hive mind (which we can access in deep meditation by opening the inner eye or third eye) holding knowledge from the beginning of life itself in the Cosmos, or even beyond to the spiritual cosmic force which enabled them to come into being, whether through spontaneous generation or intelligent creation.

~ Unification Theory;

Unifying the sciences & mapping fields + forms in vortical & cyclical models (in addition to current linear models) – will facilitate a deeper approach to understanding the Cosmos and utilizing our new found capabilities to envision greater applications of of knowledge, thereby manifesting higher degrees of effortlessness in all circles of human existence.

[ie Documentary – Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds]

A.) Unification theory for electricity, zero point energy, chemistry, astro-physics, black holes, dark energy/matter & quantum mechanics with the recently discovered “Wrinkled Space Theory” – will allow us to understand that the previous rigid assumptions of a purely mechanistic model of existence can now be surpassed, thus allowing us a higher capacity to influence the world around us in ways that will mutually benefit mankind & our great creator, facilitator + sustainer (Nature) – instead of driving us apart from our own source of existence and pushing us further into isolation & disempowerment by weakening us to the forces of Nature.

B.) Integrating ‘vortical dimensional mapping’ + ‘quantum field measurements & mapping’ with the ‘linear & reductionistic mechanistic mapping model’ will conceivably provide us with a more and more accurate way of calculating reality based on amorphous contours, thus helping us derive a deeper, more accurate and precise way to perceive the world around us.

[ie Buckminster Fuller – The closest distance between two points on a globe is an arch.]

C.) The Universal/Galactic/Global/ International Fixed Solar Lunar 13 Month (28 day/month) Calendar can allow women to follow their cycles in unison with the cycles of the moon as the solar-lunar calendar was originally meant to be before the rise of a corrupted patriarchy (which systematically attacked & discouraged Nature based healing practices through the invasion + obfuscation of tribal & Pagan cultures). 

The failing mechanistic paradigm’s toxifying synthetic culture has become drastically imbalanced by having lost reverence for Nature’s healing powers + failing to reflect upon our respective place as an integral part of Nature.

The aim of this particular endeavor is to help people wake up and come together with practical information on how to bring more effortless abundance to our lives and work with Nature instead of against it. It also aims to put the power of healing thyself into the hands of the common herbalist & nutritionist, thus facilitating sovereignty for those who become aligned with Nature.

[ie http://calendartruth.info/key-information/calendar-history/%5D

[Article: https://www.citylab.com/life/2014/12/the-world-almost-had-a-13-month-calendar/383610/%5D

4.) Language Origins & Projects;

~ The endeavor to re-integrate language, mathematics, music, art & story telling back to it’s roots before the East + the West lost crucial elements of language, driving them toward the broken and incomplete versions of language that have resulted in today’s society – can create a course of unification towards re-envisioning our common origins as well as allowing us to utilize the advantages of our complementary differences (instead of being divided by our limiting perception of differences which separated us in the past).

a.) Phoenician began phonetic alphabets – thus losing their musical, numerical, pictographic & allegorical meanings, &

b.) Asian pictographic languages (ie Characters) lost their phonetic & allegorical values (ie Chinese has a component of Diatonic Scale in tone & inflection) –

Both of which came from the original Hermetic Heiroglyphs (embossed designs on clay, engraved into stone, stamped into metal, and inked onto papyrus).
These original embossed pictographic characters (much like heiroglyphs as well as ancient Hebrew & Greek) had numerical, phonetic, musical, artistic and allegorical values.

Greek and Hebrew both have both numerical and phonetic values intact, and the Hebrew alphabet even still has maintained its’ musical values.

[ie ‘Noam Chompsky & Dick Young – Universal Root of Grammar’]

A.) Language project; Devising a Universal Codex of Languages to translate Phonetics & Character/Letter Shapes from language to language in a systematic way – will allow people to learn the ins and outs of translation by learning this system, thus enabling them to translate nearly any language into or out of their own.

Objective: Re-Integrate Phonetic/Ideogrammatic (Artistic)/Numerical/Musical values.

B.) The following mathematical projects will allow mankind’s rudimentary understanding of mathematics to advance toward a more applicable understanding of the power that math can yield in our analysis of Nature as well as human behavior – thus pioneering greater discoveries and capabilities to be made in aligning ourselves with the power of the forces of Nature (instead of driving us apart from Nature with excessively abstract and inapplicable limitations that have resulted from a hindering and short sighted system – ie imaginary numbers).

a.) Prime-based number system with a way to devise the pattern of primes by using the newly found key to deeper patterns of numbers. A 6-based number system in which prime numbers only stack under the columns of 1 & 5 (requiring the canceling of squares and factors of 5 that don’t fit in the pattern of primes with the zeta function) – can allow mankind to finally understand the pattern of the building blocks of numbers, which has innumerable implications.

b.) Squaring the circle + circling the square (The circumference of the square can be represented as Pi or as 1 – when represented as 1, the perimeter of the square becomes 4/Pi & each side becomes (4/Pi)/4 ~ Thus symbolizing that a cycle represents unity and division complicates things) – can allow humanity to develop a deeper understanding of the permeability of numbers systems and perspectives, as well as their symbolic applications.

c.) Sacred Geometry – Utilizing Platonic solids, the Golden Ratio (aka Phi), Fibonacci Sequence, Tetragrammaton (ie Sacred Flower of Life), and other aspects of sacred mathematics (rooted in Nature) to awaken ourselves to integration with Nature – thus allowing us to transcend our self-imposed bonds of arbitrary limitations.

• Khemetian Etymology:

“Ædom = Adam = Atom = Atum = Etim = Etym 

The Atomic & Adama Language 

Evaluating the etymology of the word, “Etymology”.

When was the first or the last time you’ve ever researched the etymology of the word Etymology itself? #Food4Thought 

The word Etymology breaks down to the words Etum / Logos.. or in laymen terms, meaning, ‘The Logos or Words of Atum’. 

Symbols predate Written Language which is how radical Scholars know that Hiero-Glyphics predate Sumerian-Cuneiform. 

Because languages are usually defined by it’s progenitor. The progenitor of the first language spoken according to the oldest record written? According to the Khametic creation story, Neberdjer; the All-encompassing Divinity meaning “Everything is Amun-Ra-Ptah, 3 in 1,” is better known as Atum. According to legend, it was Atum who uttered the first words and spoke the universe into existence. So the first language was indeed a cosmic; primordial sound, energy vibration, scientific-mathematic binary code known as the “Atomic Language”. 

In fact, before the original people of Earth were described as Adam/Edom, the older word used to describe the skin of the original man was Ety (Et-ee). Ety became the root word of the original Punic spelling in the words Etyopian / Etyopia. 

(We can not rely on Western Lexicons to reveal the true origins of English words. A prime example is Guitar, which was originally an Arabic term, al-Quitar. However, in the west they explicitly teach that it has a Greek origin completely leaving out the Arabic history of the term. I’m explaining this to prepare you for the next paragraph.)

It is important to remember, in antiquity there were no vowels, only consonants. Thus for, the word ‘Ety’ is identical to the word ‘Utter’ (Which is what Atum did when he spoke the Universe into Existence according to the “Khametic Creation Story”). The English etymology of the word ‘Utter’ does not reveal it’s origin. However, the morph in sound (from Ety to Utter) more than likely transformed byway of the Arab usage of the term ‘Ety’, especially considering the fact that the original Arabs pronounced Adam/Edom with a “U” sound… for example: “Al-Udma” (meaning Adam).

For those who still don’t know what “adam” or “al-udma” means, read what Ibn Al-Sayyidah, a reliable scholar of the Arabic language who lived from 1007 to 1066, says here:


“Black means shadid al-udma (very adam)”

From Ety to Etym to Etum (Atum) became Ædam, which means an Earth toned Red as in the Red Clay Adam was formed from. This is why the modern-Hebrew word for Earth is “Adama”. In Arabic, to be very Adam, means to be very dark skinned (as in what we call “black” in skin complexion).

“Well I thought you said that Ethiopic meant Ether-Opic?”

Ety and Ether, are indeed one in the same. Ety is to Atum as Ether is to Amun. As Atum is the animation of Amun. This might be complicated to wrap your heads around for those who are unfamiliar with the Khametic Pantheon, but to those who are familiar, you can clearly see how this all comes back around, infallibly, 360º.

The oldest creation story documented depicts Atum speaking the Atomic language. 

So what was the first language spoken by man? 

Because the answer wasn’t written in stone, no one can say for certain what the exact name of the first language spoken by men actually was. However, there was certainly a Single ancient language spoken by men that extended from Africa to the Philippines and even to the Americas. If this language had a name, it’d certainly have been what some call “The Adama Language”.

Is there really a language called “Adama”? 

What is for certain is that the Medu Neter which fundamentally means Mother Nature and ultimately means Meters(Numbers) & Letters, is indeed the first written language. A Kushite Language which flowed down to Khamet along with the Nile Valley River. 

When I first heard about it, I didn’t want to believe so. I thought it was a biblical fanatic making stuff up to solidify his belief in the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. It was not until the other night, when I was in the streets and met an old Hobo, whom was a Griot. He was between the ages of 60-5 years old. This elder was an old Filipino Man, from the Philippine Islands. All he told me was that, his first language is Tagalog; that black people now known as Negritos were the original people of the Philippine Islands; that the original word they used to describe black people was Ety (Et-ee) but that it changed to Adam; and that the original language of the Philippines spoke an African dialect of words which still exist in both the Philippine Islands and in Africa alike.

Now, If you google Adama Language, see what you will find. 

You will find out that there is a place known as “Adama” located smack dab in the middle of the East African country of Ethiopia. You will learn that it is the former capitol or chief city of Oromia and that it’s name was changed to Nazareth by Hailie Selassie during WorldWar II and then changed back to Adama in the year 2000 a.d.

Are the Oromo of a branch of the earliest family of men? And is their language most closely related to the oldest language spoken by man? 


For me, meeting the Phillipino Elder, meant a lot and I could not NOT Share that precious etymological jewel with you all. Once he informed me with what he had to say, everything I’ve just written down had hit me all at once, in nearly a split second. I illuminated! I mean, as much as we use the term, when was the last time you researched the etymology of the word ‘etym’ or ‘etymology’ itself? It’s been right in our faces the entire time. 

Suez – Zeus – Deus – De’ity – itAtem – Ity – Ite

So “De’ity” comes from the word Deus which derived directly from the word Zeus. 

“Ity” derived directly from the latin word, “itAtem” which doesn’t have an etymology on record, yet “ity” describes the condition or quality of being, also meaning “Person or Self”. As I just told you, the original people referred to themselves as “Ete, or Ety, or Ity”. This word “itAtem” has a lost etymology just like the scientific word “Atumti”. Yet they both appear to be related to the natural science of Atum. However, the word “ity” is directly related to “ite” as in Israel”ite” or Moab”ite” and “Amon”ite”… And if you know how the Afrocentric Biblical Teachings are, they teach that all peoples with “ite” in their names were Black Kush”ite” Tribes.

Aten aka Amun aka Atum aka Asr.

Aten / Aethien – Aether / Aether 

Atumti / Atum / Etim / Etym / Itatem / 

Atum / Atom / Adam / Ædom / Ety / Ite

Aethiopian / Ethiopian / Ethereal – Opic

Ethiopia / Etyopya / Ethereal – Utopia


I just wanted to share this information with you, because when it comes to knowledge and wisdom, “you can’t keep it unless you give it away!”

The Helix & Elixir; E = MC²

[Building on Shabaka’s Stone]

“Cosmic Electromagnetism & Planetary Alchemy”

[Study More]


A = Amun/Amaunet=Hidden/Revealed

N = Nun/Naunet=Chaos/Order

K = Kuk/Kauket=Speed/Time

H = Heh/Hauhet=Darkness/Light

360˚ Righteous Knowledge 

720˚ Wisdom of Self

1080˚ Knowledge of Universe, Universal Wisdom, Supreme Intuitive Logic”

~ Damien Vlahakis


~ Shocking Truths;

Reincarnation is real.

Mitochondria/Midichlorians are our higher consciousness or subconscious facilitators.

Matter is wrinkled space (aka bundled aether).

Matter consists of 0.001% of our being & the rest is our energetic body.

Global Warming Crisis is real.

Oriental Karma is not about guilt or punishment.

Language used to be pictographic, phonetic, numerical, musical & allegorical; but language confusion was created to avoid overcrowding & pillaging of Mesopotamian cities after Uruk was savagely destroyed.

Humans are (semi)aquatic apes.

Technology (laziness) is generally a weakening crutch that prevents us from adapting to Nature after having begun transition from our previous lost aquatic habitat as (semi)aquatic apes.

The Great Flood story is a story of how the Atlantians (aka amphibious reptilians due to having no coat of fur from having been semi-aquatic from 4.4mya-0.2mya) came when Luna/Lucifer/Tiamat (lost planet where the asteroid belt is) broke apart from the approach of Nibiru (mythical dark binary star) & the moon (remnant of the lost planet) was pulled into our orbit, & then left after it came again (from the crossing of Nibiru) and finally annihilated the Atlantian giants (ie King’s of Olde).

Nibiru may soon return (discovered in 1991 by NASA as a dwarf star enshrouded in a nebulous cloud & only observable by Chandra – our only x-ray satellite that was sold to the Vatican intelligence agency)…

~ Kabbalist Endeavors:

– Qabbalah Introduction Study:

“Particularly today, as we acknowledge the crisis & the impasse we are facing (since our fall from grace 5,000yrs ago), we can openly admit that the path we have chosen (as a species) is a dead end.” ~p.29

“Many people are already growing tired of technology’s broken promises of wealth, health & [security for the future]. Too few people have [simultaneously] attained all of these today. Even they cannot be certain to still have them tomorrow.” ~p.29

“The benefit of this state is that we can ask, ‘Is it possible that we have been treading the wrong path all along?’” ~p.29

“[Ever since Babel] the level of egoism in humanity has kept growing, each level driving us away from Nature. In Qabbalah the distance is measured in qualities. Our Creator’s qualities, wholeness, connectedness & [benevolence] are only possible to feel when we share Nature’s qualities.” ~p.28-29

“[Kabbalists have known for thousands of years that] Nature’s plan is for our egoism to keep growing until we realize that we have become separated into egoistic & detached individuals. Only then will we realize that we are completely opposite from the Creator & utterly selfish.” ~p.32

“Everything else in Nature (ie minerals, plants & animals) instinctively follow Nature’s Law of Altruism. Only human behavior is in contrast with the rest of Nature.” ~p.34

“If every part of Nature instinctively follows its law, and only man does not, then man is the only corrupted element in Nature. Simply put, when we correct ourselves (in shifting from egoism to altruism), everything else will be corrected.” ~p.34

“Any act or intention that comes from a need to connect humanity into a single entity is considered altruistic. Conversely any act or intention that is not focused on uniting humanity is egoism.” ~p.34

“The suffering we see around us is not just our own, all other parts of Nature suffer from our wrongful actions.” ~p.34

“The Book of Zohar, the ‘Bible’ of Qabbalah was written approximately 2,000yrs ago and it states that toward the end of the 20th century, humankind’s egoism will soar to unprecedented intensity. As we have seen before, the more we want, the emptier we feel.” ~p.36

“Since the end of the 20th century, humanity has been experiencing its worst emptiness ever. The Book of Zohar foretells that when this emptiness is felt, humanity will need a means to cure it & help people become fulfilled.” ~p.36

“We must not only understand Nature (the whole, altruistic & united Creator), but we must also implement Its manner of existence within ourselves. Qabbalah also tells us that by doing so, we will not only equalize with Nature, we will understand the Thought that stands behind it – The Master Plan.”

“We will realize that the purpose of creation is to equalize with the Creator.” ~p.38

~ Kabbalah, Then & Now (Laitman)

– ‘What are the Unsustainable Goals of Nature?’

“Basically what we are learning now the hard way is, that anything that goes beyond the optimal parameters of natural necessaries, available resources – finely, dynamically sustained by Nature’s laws of mutual integration – is unsustainable.

Which means that our present Human system – built on reckless, excessive overconsumption, ruthless competition, success, survival at each other’s and Nature’s expense – has no right to exist and thus it is now collapsing.

And it doesn’t matter how much we stubbornly want to revive this unnatural Human paradigm, we won’t be able to return to it, Nature’s laws won’t let us.

So it is very important that we learn – through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method – how to rebuild Human society on the integral templates, blueprints of Nature in order to safeguard our continuing, collective Human survival.”

Zsolt Hermann


“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” ~Desmond Tutu

“Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.” ~Madeline L’Engle

“Life isn’t just about darkness or light, rather it’s about finding light within the darkness.” ~Landon Parham

“A visionary is one who can find his way by moonlight and see the dawn before the rest of the world.” ~Oscar Wilde

“Peace and negativity cannot coexist just as (blinding) light and (confusing) darkness cannot coexist.” ~N. Goenka

“Why not dare yourself to become a shining positive light where darkness is the only thing known?” ~Edmond Mbiaka

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.” ~Og Mandino

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” ~Plato

“The darkness around us might somewhat light up if we would first practice using the light we have in the place we are.” ~Henry S. Haskins

“The dark and the light, they exist side by side, sometimes overlapping, one explaining the other. The darkened path is as illuminated as (it’s) lightened, only the fear of the dark keeps us from seeing our way.” – Raven Davies

“There is a wide, yawning black infinity. In every direction, the extension is endless; the sensation of depth is overwhelming. And the darkness is immortal. Where light exists, it is pure, blazing, fierce; but light exists almost nowhere, and the blackness itself is also pure and blazing and fierce.” ~Carl Sagan

“The darkness isn’t wrong. It’s part of life, a backdrop for the stars at night, the space between what you know. Darkness has a way of reminding you of the light you’ve been given on all those other days. Read these quotes to help you bring darkness to the light, and make it part of the light.” ~Unknown

“You don’t need to drown the darkness with light. You don’t need to replace negativity with positivity. You bring the darkness to the light. Like an offering. That means you honor what is first, before you try to change it. You meet yourself where you’re at, before moving forward. Then you can even bring light to the places and situations where there’s barely any left. You can give someone love even though they’re not acting with love. You can light another candle. You can handle hard things.” ~Unknown

23 Quotes of Light & Dark

30 Quotes of Finding Light Within Darkness

40 Quotes of Light & Dark

240 Light & Darkness Quotes

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  1. ~ Star People? I believe the “star beings” are either 1.) our future selves (we are their past lives), 2.) humans from the future with highly advanced technology &/or psychic powers, 3.) an Earthly breakaway civilization that eugenically bred us & may or may not still reside here in subterranean strongholds or perhaps on the darkside of the Moon, or 4.) avatars of the cellular hive mind consciousness or the collective conscious hive minds of various animal species. The idea that star people are humanoid aliens is very species elitist (man is better than all animals) anthropocentric (man centered) & anthropomorphic (man shaped). According to the Fermi Paradox, if there are aliens, we should be seeing them everywhere. My argument is that it would likely be very hard to recognize them or even notice them (they could look like a tree, rock, single celled organism, hyperspeed faster than the eye can see, catatonic in appearance & seeming frozen, bug like, cephalopod like or squid like, or something stranger than we could imagine – Stephen Hawking also shared this theory). I have seen many kinds of multicellular aliens (bacteria seem to be the building blocks of life which are the actual starseeds that brought life to Earth) & they are not humanoid. Humans are a lost animal in crisis choosing to build a shield against Nature & live in cages + drive around in wheeled chairs (ie vehicles) because we have pathetic & awkward terrestrial mobility. It makes sense that we would glorify ourselves (thus isolate ourselves due to arrogance) in a way to avoid realizing our denial that we are ill equipped for the terrestrial environment. In fact we likely came from the Sea (an alien environment that we know less about than outer space) & have forgotten our ancestral trauma of having to leave our environment due to an ice age or traumatic event. Dolphins were our partners at sea & they still have a very close connection to us + they are still known to protect us from sharks, midwife human waterbirths & even try to breed with us. The Dogon people (an Egyptian offshoot civilization isolated in the Sahara Desert for the last 10,000+yrs) claimed to have been civilized by amphibious humanoids who supposedly brought cannabis & dolphins to Earth from Sirius C, but dolphins are related to all mammals & whales + porpoises are their closest cousins, & cannabis is related to sage. These amphibious humanoids were associated with Sirius C (a yet undiscovered star in the Sirius A & B binary system (brightest star in the sky aka Canis Major – known as the dog star(s) because they loop around one another like dogs fighting). I believe that these amphibious peoples were the lost pre-deluvian empire that civilized all of mankind & were a technologically advances sea faring people who navigated by the stars & described their homeland by the map of the stars. They did say however that souls go back to Sirius (an underworld for human souls) after death & that all life in the cosmos came from Sirius (likely as bacteria) but the Sun is a 3rd generation star & there very well may have been (an) older extinct star system(s) that life first arose in. If the ancestors of mankind, aka “the kings of old” [rH negative giants or fallen angels who made us as hybrid slaves by eugenically breeding with Denisovans (to make the Asian Golden Race that was chosen to stay in the Garden of Eden & had a Golden Age of civilization way before us), Neanderthals (to make the Caucasian Silver Race who was kicked out of the Garden of Eden for not following orders) & a yet undiscovered hominid ancestor (of Africans the Bronze Race who was kicked out first because they did not understand their ways or orders well enough)], were highly advanced technologically (due to having been from an isolated island now lost at sea after having been destroyed by their high technology), it is likely that they had flying saucers (known by the Hindu’s as “Vimana” crafts that destroyed Krishna’s city off the coast of Dwarka India) & Vajra’s (lightening bolt shooting weapons) which is why they were known as “angels” or “the one’s who came from above”. They were also called the Elohim or the Annunaki (meaning children of Anu) that were reputed to have come from the Dark Star Nibiru (which sent a huge comet from the oort cloud or kuiper belt hurtling at Greenland, thus destroying their secret island homeland in 11,600BCE – the great deluge – & rapidly melted the glaciers, flooding the coastal cities of the pre-deluvian empire) who was associated with the appearance of Nibiru because it destroyed their home & they then went around the globe to expand their empire + civilize the barbarians & primitive peoples. They are known to us now as the Guanche (Grail Holders), Basque or (advanced sea faring sailors with the ancient spoken language Euskara) & Berber (Shepherds with the first ancient written alphabet Tenerife). Their descendant homeland slave race in the Atlantic (remnants of Atlantis – the Golden Gate City of Atlas, son of Poseidon aka Neptune) hailed from the Canary Islands (associated with Canis Major – Dog Stars) & Azores but were exiled by the Spanish Naval Fleet + enslaved. An ancient story tells of their fascination with a green meteoric stone used to make the Spear of Destiny & the Emerald Tablet of Thoth aka Enoch. They were known to have seeded the Meso-American, Mesopotamian & Ancient Egyptian (known in ancient times as Al Khem aka Al Khe-Mu or Colony of Mu aka Lemuria).

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