• The Bifurcation of Egoism is Coming to a Close:

~ I cannot stress enough the imperative need of balancing our spiritual ascension with grounding & integration by integrating;

A.) the crucial spiritual vibrations of awoken spirits through the 4th chakra density…&…

B.) the vital material impulses of our spirit towers through the heart chakra.

The spiritual awakening has been sabotaged (from cultivating unity of the collective) by creating a bifurcation (ie Eloi & Morlocks in the Time Machine) through divisive propaganda (of escapism) that leads;

1.) rising chakral ascensions up away from being grounded & balanced in the heart space…

thus creating naive optimism: blinded by the light, +

2.) sinking chakral descention down away from light into darkness,

thus creating reductive pessimism: stumbling in the dark. –

~ We are being conditioned to divide from one another on countless aspects as a way to disempower us as a collective.

The love light awakening above can merge with the light love from awakening below to meet in the heart space & unify (through the universal law of altruism) as the delusion of ego (separation from others is a divisive social construct) rescinds & integration blossoms.

We can all meet together in the heart space of 4th density chakral energy.

Or we can choose spiritual greed to abandon those with spiritual degradation from being misguided through manipulative subversive propaganda of learned helplessness to reach those who do not yet seek awakening.

If we can not plant the seeds of awakening in others, their greatest chance for salvation will be abandoned to leave those who need guidance alone in the dark to continue the negative cycles that have gradually overtaken our innate compassion state of being through this dark age, masked by toxic socialization as a result of a futile attempt to escape Nature (the microcosm of our great creator – the Cosmos).

Spiritual elitism has no place in true compassion.

It is time to come together, take the power back & rise as one like the Phoenix from the ashes.

• ‘Harmonic Chaos’

“The eternal dance of yin and yang brings harmony amidst the chaos of ten thousand things.

Sending rain from the heavens to extinguish the fires of men that burn the sacred boddhi tree.

Even after all has gone awry, the mysterious divine cosmic force of Nature settles the muddy waters amongst the innumerable things.

The virtue of the mysterious Source lies within the myriad things in this garden of life.

The Spirit of oneness brings existence into being while effortlessly yielding magnanimity.

The sage spontaneously cultivates insusceptibility through transcending limitations synchronistically.

By recognizing one’s integration with all that is and reciprocating the benevolence of Nature, one returns to the uncarved block.

This serene journey is found through unobtrusively manifesting resonance with the wild beasts & birds beyond one’s wildest imagination.

Thus seeing oneself as an extension of the stars, sun & moon beyond while exploring an ocean of possibilities.

The mysterious life force energy sings a hymn of the ineffable, ascending us to a higher plane by our forgetting the illusory separation.

Thereby do we remember that we all share one blood, one heart, one mind, one love & one source!”

~Indy Sage

Published by Indigo Sage

Wildcat Junglist, Esoteric Mystic & Philosophical Taoist.

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