When asked what’s worse, human ignorance or human apathy, most people will say, “I don’t know & I don’t care.”

β€’ Humanity is becoming a sad state of affairs as egoism brings us to the collapse of Western society & Babylon crumbles.

Maybe this is how it has to be for is to wake up from this self perpetuated nightmare of nihilistic complacency in the face of the extinction of our race…

…as a result of unquestioned self gratification & indulgence while consumerism bites the hand that feeds + annihilates any chance of reciprocity with Nature?

β€’ If we are to use the forces of Nature to condition ourselves into effortless thrival instead of living behind a mechanized shield of industrialization & a helpless reliance on technology,

…staying in our comfort zones will not let us grow, but instead inhibit us from strengthening ourselves to cultivate self reliance & take back our inherent right for sovereignty.

Recognizing the incommensurability of our natural resources can help us realize the futility of giving money (an illusory social construct) any inherent value in itself, but this will be hard for a globally brainwashed species to come to terms with.

β€’ Money + technology have become our new Gods & worldwide religions of belief + dogma even though more money leads to more problems & the love of money is the the known root of all evil.

Technology has been used by mankind to glorify ourselves as superior in species elitism, but anthropocentrism has led us to our own self destruction in our failure to realize the crucial relationship we have with our source, Nature.

As much as we wish to entertain sustaining ourselves on some other planet or in a more sophisticated cage, the practicality of this endeavor is virtually non-existent.

β€’ The social construct of time has led us away from being HERE – NOW, & the association with time being commensurable to a monetary value has stripped away our valuation of the spiritual currencies of paying attention + spending time to focus mindfully on self understanding & mastery.

Without manifesting a greater understanding of how to integrate with our shamed & suppressed emotional drives, one another & the natural environment, we are bound to worsen the imbalance we have with Nature to catastrophic results for future generations.

The time to awaken is now & we no longer have time to consider the implications of these imperative undertakings, the time to act is now & we can begin by gaining awareness to gain mastery over ourselves in order to create harmony in our surroundings.

Published by Indigo Sage

Wildcat Junglist, Esoteric Mystic & Philosophical Taoist.

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