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“Anyone defending the viewpoint that it was human thinking in and of itself that generated our bigger brains around back 2-3mya is resisting the fact that total iodine-deficiency in a fully thinking pregnant mothers diet still can/will bring about in the worst case scenario a fetal neuro-developmental condition known as cretinism (to mention the extreme) so iodine (and DHA) in seafood is very much a pivotal subject when it comes to braindevelopment, as Stephen Cunnane aswell as many others has written a great deal about.”

~ Michael (WTM Forum – Aquatic Ape)

“In What Darwin Got Wrong, authors Jerry Fodor and Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini discuss “master genes” that regulate multiple traits and so force those traits to evolve together. In their example, the traits regulated by a particular master gene, designated Otxi, seem unrelated to each other, but as a group the linked traits are oddly suggestive of an aquatic episode in humankind’s past. The authors write,

‘. . . in particular, since the Otxi ‘master’ gene controls the development of the larynx, inner ear, kidneys, and external genitalia and the thickness of the cerebral cortex, selective pressures sensitive to changes in the functions of the kidneys (due to bipedal station, or different liquid intake and excretion resulting from floods or droughts), or the fixation of different sexual patterns, may have had in turn secondary effects on the expansion of the cerebral cortex and the structure and function of the larynx.’

This set of traits, under the control of the same master gene, plays a foundational role in the aquatic ape hypothesis. Fluid/salt regulation (kidneys), 3D proprioceptive orientation (inner ear), breath control and speech (larynx), ventro-ventral copulation (genitals) and development of a complex cerebral cortex turn out to be fated to travel together, all being regulated by the same master gene, and all being components of the aquatic ape scenario.

Certainly not conclusive, but suggestive.”

~ StarLarvae (

“Baby’s under six months, have an unconscious reflex called a bradycardic response. Causing them to instinctively hold their breath and open their eyes underwater. I think you can actually take a mommy/baby class, with no floatation devices. Sort of like, pre swimming lessons. Their only under for a few seconds.”

~ Sarah Tucker

Here are some supporting arguments:

~Missing coat of fur (like other aquatic mammals) for coping with terrestrial wind & sun, which originally required stealing another animals hide to wear over our own to protect us from cold and sun burn.

This weakness to the terrestrial elements had also led to us relying on fire as barbarians (we tamed fire 50,000yrs ago) + needing dry shaded shelters still up until the present day for most (some relying on electricity instead now but the Wim Hoff Method of a Buddhist Tummo Inner Fire Technique can allow us to finally learn how to condition ourselves to build more brown fat cells rich in mitochondria to cultivate effortless to the elements.

~No full estrous cycle with visible swelling (vagina swells and blushes when fertile) for adult females, only menstrual cycle instead (apes have it though, but not humans or aquatic mammals even though all terrestrial mammals do have it).

~Newborn babies can’t walk but can swim and are born fat (in order to float in water and swim immediately after birth) unlike terrestrial mammals which are born thin and are able to walk or climb immediately (aquatic trait to only swim at birth).

~If a human doesn’t learn to walk Bipedally or speak by the age of seven, they become incapable of learning how to, but anyone can learn how to swim at any age, even after seven (suggesting natural instincts to swim but relatively new habits of walking and speaking).

~Human premature babies are born with vernix (cheesy like substance on their skin) that helps them float so that they can swim (only human & harbor seal babies have this).

~Humans have a brain 3.5x the size of a chimpanzee’s, although only 1.25x as many cortical neurons.

~Skull features are opposite from those of apes, humans having a protruding cranium, nose & chin but receding eyes and no protruding brow (as compared to apes which possess protruding brow and eyes but receding nose and chin and non-protruding cranium).

~Different throat configuration than apes which enables speech but can mix breathing with swallowing (suggests aquatic ancestry).

~Omega 3:6 ratio needed for a healthy diet matches omega ratio of seafood (although some healthy vegetable oils are a close match but definitely not meat or dairy) and also we need iodine + salt that we often don’t get (suggestive of aquatic ancestry from the sea).

~Webbed fingers & toes + flipper feet, ankles, wrists & palms (aquatic mammal trait).

~Hair & nails are weak and must be trimmed unlike terrestrial animals (our nails & teeth are strong enough to process most raw fish but not terrestrial animals).

~Teeth are also weak and often malformed (ie wisdom teeth).

~10x the adipose tissue (otherwise known as blubber or subcutaneous fat) than terrestrial mammals who primarily have only extra-muscular fat or visceral fat (helps to insulate heat in cold water but does not prevent a chill from a breeze).

~Sweat glands cause emission of putrid scent without bathing (unlike terrestrial animals – especially carnivores who primarily pant to dispel heat), which may indicate a reliance on swimming for hygiene.

~Swiveling jaw & long intestinal tract (suggesting herbivorous origins) but nutrients for proper brain development may have been aided by our natural ability to eat fish without a cutting tool or fire.

~Weak olfactory sense of smell (aquatic mammal trait).

~Protruding nose keeps water out when swimming.

~Pronounced cranium boasts greater capacity (or adaptation to greater need) for problem solving (ie changing habitats and programming new instincts through ongoing transition to terrestrial habitat).

~Receding eyes have diminished night vision (thus nocturnal or subterranean ancestry is unlikely).

~Skin (when pale and not yet conditioned to have protective pigment) and eyes are weak to direct sunlight.

~Circulatory system is weak to terrestrial gravity and heart failure due to this maladapted condition is the most common cause of death for humans (especially outside of tropical climates) besides pestilence (ie mosquitos in tropical climates kill more humans than anything else worldwide).

~4,000+ Genetic disorders (uncommon amongst all other mammals which have dramatically fewer), indicating inbreeding through maladjusted propagation of our species through our ancestral trauma.

~46 chromosomes (apes have 48).

Terrestrial Ape Features:

~Apes are well balanced with their natural environment (unlike humans or beavers who often cause massive devastation to neighboring habitats).

~Apes walk bipedally in water.

~Apes can’t control their breath.

~Apes have greater muscle & bone density.

~Apes have better night vision & smell (olfactory sense).

~Apes have a coat of fur to keep the moisture & warmth in their skin through the cold and wind and also protects them from the sun.

~Apes have a receding chin & nose but protruding large eyes & brow.

~Apes have a diminished cranium (suggestive of a lack of a need to analyze their environment and own behaviors since they have adept instincts and thriving physical prowess).

~Apes have a similar gestation period (266 days for orangutans, 260 for gorillas & 230 for chimpanzees + bonobos) but they are born fully capable to climb immediately and often cling on to the mother’s coat of fur for dear life.

Lloyd Pye, Mark Passio & Michael Tsarion (12 Ways Humans Are Not Primates)

Elena Morgan, Alister Hardey & Desmond Morris (The Descent of Woman The Descent of the Child, Naked Ape & Aquatic Ape)

Other Aquatic Mammal Transitions:

Pinnepeds went back to sea 20-24mya;

☝️ Dolphin before going back to sea.
Ancient Aquatic Mammals

DHA Levels in Various Fish & Brain Sizes:

Human Paleontological Anthropology Fossils:

Human Record of Animal Domestication:

Webbed phalanges:

Extra digits & fused fingers:

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  1. Atlantian Ancestry:

    ~ Could it be that when humans came into the scene back 0.2mya, we displaced many cave dwelling animals with power in numbers & seeking refuge in a strange land.

    The question is, where did we come from and what state were we in?

    The modern scientific view would like to argue that we perhaps came out of the deep jungle (where fossils are rarely ever formed due to to a high prevalence of scavengers)…

    …and lost our coat of fur because it was too hot on the savannah, then learning how to wear another animal’s hide to explore in the cold.

    However the anomalous massive brain growth between 4.4mya (Ardipithecus) & 0.2mya (Homo Erectus) could easily be explained by a change in habitat from 1.) a terrestrial environment to 2.) a semi-aquatic environment (ie the Sea – much like seals).

    If the ancestor of modern man became semi-aquatic over 4.20 million years (during which we have a missing linkage), developing…

    a.) a lost coat of fur,

    b.) bipedalism (as apes tend to stop using their knuckles to walk in water),

    c.) flipper phalanges (ie webbed) & awkward terrestrial mobility

    d.) brittle + less dense muscle, bone, teeth & nails (is floating & less of a challenging environment + means of sustenance),

    e.) instincts to swim at birth (holding on to the mother’s hair & riding on her bubble but as a saddle).

    f.) large breasts & adipose tissue (aka subcutaneous fat or blubber) for buoyancy and to keep us warm in cold waters.

    g.) new dietary needs focused around omega-3 + iodine rich foods (ie fish & shellfish)

    h.) copper rich blood instead of iron to carry oxygen to the cells (ie Rh- blood type).

    i.) giantism,

    j.) elongated skulls,

    k.) breathing holes in our ears with a new breathing arrangement of the esophagus & trachea,

    l.) elongated fingers with possibly an extra finger,

    m.) an androgynous appearance,

    n.) darker skin to protect us from the Sun under water,

    o.) receding eyes, a protruding cranium, nose (keeps water out of nostrils when diving) & chin,

    p.) dry skin,

    q.) a relationship with dolphins (possibly domestication in exchange for sharing our yield of fish after teaming up with them),

    r.) the development of tools (such as the spear and later trident)

    s.) the ability to hold our breath, enabling the later development of speech or singing,

    t.) navigation by the stars,

    u.) primitive reed boats & oars,

    v.) written language (ie Tenerife or Berber alphabet & Basque phonetics),

    w.) advanced technology, later enabling us to develop possibly flying crafts (ie Vimanas – ride on a depression in the gravity field brought on by copper magnetica fused in crystal) megalithic structures, agriculture, farming, art (ie cave paintings) and sculpture (ie Waldorf Mother).

    x.) rituals to honor the dead with flowers and ceremonial objects,

    y.) the use of tools and weapons to dominate animals and other populations,

    z.) later hybridization with Neanderthals (ie European & Middle Eastern ancestry) + Denisovans (ie Asian ancestry) possibly to breed a slave race eugenically which became modern man (ie Enlil),

    …then it makes sense that we are still struggling through a transitionary period as we try to cope with terrestrial living once again but have lost most of our instincts to thrive here.

    This could explain why humans are prone to escapism (ie drug use, beliefs that we are from a distant place far from Earth – ie Heaven or even an alien planet) and have a hard time coping with our lot here (hiding in sterilized, climatized, toxified cages clutching weapons to make up for our lack of survival and self-protection instincts).

    For many this ontology will conflict with their learned worldview from church or school and may create cognitive dissonance (hence the “def effect” – considering it nonsense and having an unwillingness to consider the possibilities).

    All I ask is that you try to consider the possibility of this theory that could help us come to terms with our lost ancestral trauma…

    …(the great cataclysm of Atlantis mostly having been lost into the sea by the destruction of the previous nearby planet Lucifer into the asteroid belt or hammered bracelet and then its moon falling into our orbit).

    ~ In fact ancient legends of the Sumerians would have it that Lucifer may have been a historical figure associated with the lost planet which was crushed into the asteroid belt (aka hammered bracelet), whose moon was captured into our orbit; setting our axis off by 35 degrees & creating the Great Deluge, which shifted the tectonic plates and sunk Atlantis.

    The Moon (Luna – Lucifer’s Moon) has an identical chemical composition to the Asteroids of the Belt (rich in Helium 3).

    It was supposedly crushed by the approach of Nibiru, when it crossed the planetary plane of the 8 planets (Pluto, Eris, Sedna, & other Trans-Neptunian Objects ie Dwarf Planets are on a separate plane in line with the comets that Nibiru may have dragged into orbit by crossing the Oort Cloud & Kuiper Belt).

    Thus the Atlantians (who seeded the technology & culture of a highly advanced civilization) were associated with Nibiru. They were a sea faring semi aquatic people who eugenically bred the human race as two hybrid slave races with Neanderthals (Europe + Middle East Caucasians) & Denisovans (Asia).

    Their language (Basque aka Euskara – with the alphabet of the Berber peoples called Tenerife) still exists today as the oldest language known to man (from the Paleolithic Era – ie “Axe” comes from their word “Axiel” or stone club).

    They may have had flying crafts (named “Vimanas” by the ancient Indians) and were known as the “Viricochas” by the Mayans, Aztecs & Olmecs).

    They (Mu or Lemuria aka Atlantis – now Antarctica) seeded colonies in Egypt (Al Khemu – meaning colony of Mu from which the word “Alchemy” comes) before the great cataclysm and then took reign through the Golden Age, seeding agriculture, technology, megalithic buildings, counsel with the elders to mediate conflict, metallurgy, and written language + mathematics).

    ~ The current ice sheet on Antarctica is 20,000yrs old. Ruins of megalithic structures seeming to appear below the ice sheet as it melts. Could this be a lost city of Atlantis?

    Rocks seem to match with ones from the Great Lakes. Was Antarctica once connected to the North American Continent?

    Elongated skulls of nobility found in Paracas, Peru match elongated skulls (both with red/auburn hair) from Iraq. These are clearly distinguishable from cranial deformation (skull binding to change natural shape).

    The Denisovans (ancient hominids that have recently been found to be part of human genome) were found to have used what seems to be ceremonial jewelry & possibly rode horses as far back as 40,000 years ago.

    Denisovan (thought to have come from Siberia) genes have now also been found in the Americas. Were they the giants of olde?

    This seems to line up with the story of Poseidon having tamed horses at his city of golden gates.

    ~ British film crew went missing in 2002 after filming the supposed legendary pyramid 2mi beneath the ice.

    Antigravitical crafts (silver saucers) have been sited over Beardmore Glacier for decades.

    Could this legendary site of ruins be a vestige if the lost Atlantian civilization?

    If so, it’s discovery would mean the rewriting of our history & ancestry, which could pose many difficulties for academia.

    Stories about extraterrestrials & the Antarctican ice sheet being 33.6mya are likely to be misinterpretations.

    Recent findings show the ice sheet to be 20,000yrs old (explaining how the Piri Reis map could have been made).

    New findings of the Denisovans (red headed giants of olde that are integrated in the human genome) suggest that they may have rode horses & wore ceremonial jewelry as long ago as 20,000yrs ago.

    This lines up with the legends of Poseidon having tamed horses in his lost sacred ornamental society of golden gates.

    If there are beings there with elongated skulls (ie Paracas Skulls), could they be descendants of the semi-aquatic ancestors which came from Atlantis?

    Sediment analysis links Antarctica with the Great Lakes. Could this continent have massively shifted its latitude due to a great cataclysm?

    ~ The warning we can heed from the ancients my be found through the ways in which they have illuminated the cycles of the cosmos along with sacred mathematics.

    It could be that their illumination of;

    1.) the procession of the Equinoxes (as seen by the vector in which the Sphinx peers lining up with the brightest star of Leo each cycle),

    2.) a possible returning cycle of the great deluge which potentially aligns with cyclical shifting of the magnetic pole (influenced by baricentric flip?) &

    3.) the annual cycle of the equinox (as seen on the North side of the Great Giza Pyramid by appearing half shadowed only on the equinox)

    …are aimed at helping us make the connection with what might very well be driving the flipping of the polar magnetic baricentric pole.

    Astronomers agree that there seems to be a celestial body in our solar system unaccounted for. This is indicated by the anomalous slightly off gravitational wobble of what celestial bodies we do know of here in our solar system which remains to be explained.

    It also appears as if a massive celestial body seems to crash through the oort cloud & kuiper belt (icy cloud around our solar system) on a different plane than our planets up to Neptune, which matches the plane of orbit of Pluto, the dwarf planets (trans-neptunian objects – may have been stolen moons) & the comets.

    It has been found that most stars in the Universe seem to be binary. There is a highly probably chance that these anomalous phenomenon can be explained by a brown dwarf binary star on a large elliptical orbit.

    If this binary star, enshrouded in a nebulous cloud & not luminous but only detectable with the only existing X-Ray satellite Chandra (sold to the Vatican by NASA), is crossing our orbital plane on a regular cycle; could it not account for shifts of the magnetic pole & simultaneous baricenter of the solar system?

    The ancients tell of a legend of a great cataclysm in the heavens just before the Great Deluge struck. As the story goes there was a planet where the current asteroid belt lies called Lucifer with a moon called Luna that was destroyed by the approach of Nibiru, sending the moon hurtling towards Earth & creating what they called “the hammered bracelet” (ie asteroid belt).

    Legends tell of a great cataclysm that occurred here on Earth from the collateral damage of this awe striking celestial event. It is said that Luna (which became our Moon and has the identical chemical composition as the asteroids in the asteroid belt) crashed into Earth, setting us off kilter & sending Atlantis (now Antarctica) down into the Southern Pole.

    There are enigmatic connections between wildlife in Africa & the Americans that could be explained by a missing continent in the middle of the Atlantic (the same unique specie of monk seals & earth worms separated by a vast untraversable distance of a Great Ocean).

    Whether or not Antarctica was displaced, there are no doubt remnants of a lost advanced civilization (of sea faring red headed giants (rH- O blood) with elongated skulls) called Lemuria or Mu in their daughter colony Al KheMu (meaning colony of Mu & where the word “alchemy” comes from) also known as Egypt (a name which comes from the Greek name for Memphis – Hygiptos).

    As Graham Hancock elucidates in his penetrating book, “Fingerprints Of The Gods”, that the Egyptian woven reed boats are nearly identical to woven reed boats of Central & South American Natives.

    Was there an advanced break away civilization marooned by a great cataclysm? Legends of the Basque (spoken) & Berber (written) people with the oldest language in the world seem to indicate a lost civilization that sent their herding nomadic spirit tribes to seed the Egyptian Dynasties & Mesopotamian Kingship.

    Connections with the Aztec/Mayan (Atlan) language & Basque (Euskara) language are clear in their shared unusual use of q, x & otl/atl sounds.

    These people are likely to have both gotten their vast mathematical, astronomical, calendrical & megalithic masonry knowledge from a lost civilization whose descendants operated from the Canary Islands (coming from Canna or dog – ie they had whippets) & the Azores until invaded by Spain.

    These people were said to be mathematically, nautically, agriculturally, technologically & spiritually advanced; having been known by the Dogons (ie Nomos) & Mayans (ie Viricochas) as bringers of civilized culture (ie agriculture, counsel by elders for disputes, technology, et cetera).

    These people may have been lost from the ravages of the great deluge on Mesopotamia & Egypt, but could their enculturated followers have continued their legacy and devised esoteric mathematical messages to be portrayed by megalithic architecture as a way to forewarn later peoples of this destructive dark star & the collateral damage that could fall in its wake?

    ~ Humans have been at war with themselves and Nature for 200,000yrs.

    In our slow transition back to the terrestrial habitat from our previous hiatus as sea faring semi-aquatic apes on the lost continent of Atlantis, we have become coddled by hindering technology that has caused a drastic imbalance as we try to play God & do un-natural things in our trial + error experimental subsistence trying to develop mutually beneficial & balanced new instincts.

    As we have come to accept body shame (Judeo-Christian shame/guilt/fear conditioning to weaken & exploit the masses) as natural (especially for the pale face white devil with severe vitamin D deficiency & mass hysteria as a result of not being able to build enough serotonin).

    We cover ourselves up & paint ourselves to look different.

    We hide our genuine feelings out of fear that we will be ostracized for them, which only stifles them & leads to festering emotional wounds + great inner turmoil.

    But thankfully mankind is awakening. To love is to forego selfish control. Thus it behooves us to respect the free will of others if we are truly compassionate.

    Yet it is hard to see people mutilate & hide themselves away.

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